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Active Shooters: Threat Assessment for Preemptive Prevention

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The violent shooting outside a court in Milan, Ital, in early April 2015, in which three people were intentionally killed by the defendant, as well as earlier shooting some four months earlier at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston, MA, in which a surgeon was fatally shot by a former patient, as well as other shootings t schools, shopping malls and workplaces, demonstrated that the threat of active shooter attacks against disparate targets around the world remained a persistent concern for all those tasked with protecting such facilities and victims who are directly impacted by such violent attacks.

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About the Author
Dr. Joshua Sinai is Director of Analytics and Business Intelligence at CRA (ww.cra-use.net), a wholly owned subsidiary of Resilient Corporation (resilient.com), where he also serves in that position.  He is the author of “Active Shooter – A Handbook on Prevention,” which was published by ASIS International in January 2013, and is currently being updated for is substantially revised and updated second edition.  Dr. Sinai can be reached at Joshua.sinai@comcast.net.




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