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The Adventurer 2008

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The Adventurer 2008


Momentous Mark looks up the mountains

And sees the challenging peeks.

Preparing this climb is not the charge

Of a careless jerk.

He eyes the goal 

Of this long sought treat, This Glorious Mother of Nature.

Observation, planning, historical sheet

Of her past and shimmering stamina.

Though snow-filled crests do warn her courters;

And wicked sounds do belch and screech, she is the sweet of dreamers.

"I want this woman, oh heavenly treat,

That stands before mine eyes.

I wish to take her for myself

And leave the others to sigh."

She hears his quest with no regret;

But heard it many times.

"I'll not be his for some feat-test;

Nor fall to conquest grave."

Her objections overruled

So it seems dearest, endearing friend.

For Momentous, it's the start

Of the Adventure that never ends.

Up the snow covered limbs,

The arms rise to the crests.

Though shimmering cold with fluffy white layers

She melts beneath his feet.

With each and every heartfelt step

He simmers to seek her peak.

When his feet touch quivering ground,

With gingerly measured touch,

His heart beats faster. His breaths so deep.

He slowly begins to stammer.

"I wa-want to know your every beat.

Your living, loving matter.

You are the Queen of all my reach,

That no one else will gather."

"What does he say? That to me?

No man has ever spoke

With such strung words, aclarity.

His measured steps, so sure and true

Doest bring my heart to matter."

Slow and measured are his steps

Towards her holy crests.

He sinks his feet onto her chest

And climbs her orbs with zest.

"No sweet sorrow for my queen.

Respect I'll show tomorrow.

For each step this man does take

Is honor for her to borrow."

"Like knights arose those years ago;

Or trumpets of wind so hot and gone

In ages that didn't tally?"

"No sweet dear, my wanton heart

Seeks only what you gather.

The longing love of mister, here, 

That cares but for your heart."

"I've heard those words

So many times. They mean but little else.

Give to me your tokens not

But treasures from your chest."

"My heart is yours. With every breath

I dream of thee as mine.

I dare not dwell this spot too long

For fear I'd melt your heart and lungs."

With that she sighed a long, sweet breath;

And quivered beneath his feet.

Had she met her knightly man;

Or is this just a quest?

He gathers strength with each soft touch

Upon her warming crests.

As her heaves and sighs increase,

She's surely unable to rest.

The snowy layers upon chest and limbs, that reach afar,

Begin to melt with no arrest and succumb to this glowing barb.

"My Sweet Princess, queenly thou and beauteous to my touch.

I've no ransom big enough to make me worthy of you."

With sweet embellished thoughts and practicality,

She waits the moment for remarks which simmer in her heart: 

"I've no time for dallying with princes from a pond.

If you want me, knightly friend, you've got to make a bond."

Her mountainous crest now shaking

With each his heartfelt moves.

She knows by his measured steps

That he's not one to lose.

"I bring to you my open heart,

My soul in broad daylight.

I've measured many quests before;

But none that matters more.

You are the holy-grail, Princess.

You are the Treasured Keep.

My heart as ring and soul as chain.

Forever do I leap."

With one great sigh and heaving breath

The mountain rises and falls.

The boulders beneath her crests do rise

And give him grasps to call.

He looks about her ridges below,

The snows amelting fast.

Her valley and dales do smartly weep

Their snowy, melting trails.

With longing breath and lusting heart

She calls but to his name.

"Momentous Mark, my knightly guard,

I'm yours, forever game."

He climbs so slowly from her peaks

To her richest valley 'low.

With each and every step he takes

Her snow is sure to go.

The warmth from heat they generate

With each and every step,

Makes his trek so ever sweet

And his proposal so ever blessed.

Upon the mound, above her sweet

Garden of lush, unfound,

He sees the snows so quickly seep

To spreading limbs afar.

He's drawn with such allure

And promises to keep, 

That he cannot imagine

A better love to reap.

Slowly descending downward,

To her treasured cave,

He is not shocked or startled

By her lovely ways.

Moist lips with golden webs,

He parts with loving hands.

He's drawn so deep inside her

Without his understand.

With gentle step and touch,

With moves of slow regard,

He seeks that special touch

That longs for her reward.

So smooth the walls, and moist,

A sign of wanton love.

He moves with all due measure

As she pushes below and above.

Slow, so slow his progress

That he must retreat;

But with no intent to linger

He enters and then repeats.

Her love pours out, no measure.

His own is so replete.

Timeless drawn for hours.

Minutes lasting days.

Love does not measure

In manmade, knowing ways.

Then the rush, no sorrow,

Pours forth with such refrain.

The walls, now holy, hallowed

Push him to wet remains.

"I awaken to your garden

Filled with lilies, roses, treats.

There is no treasure, tomorrow,

That masters your measured sweets."

With loving breath, no sorrows,

She sighs and feigns not weak,

"I give thee every pulse of mine

To make our Life tout-sweet."

No banners fly on buildings.

No headlines bash your eyes.

But bonds like these do climb

Within noisy but quiet retreats.


Copyright 2008  by  Roger C. Bull


About the Author

Roger Bull is a veteran sergeant with nine years experience in the Jefferson Parish Sheriffs Office (metropolitan New Orleans). He attended three colleges: Southeastern Louisiana University (biology, chemistry and physics), Louisiana State University Law Enforcement Institute (advanced police studies), and Holy Cross College via a grant from the Jefferson Parish District Attorneys Office Law Enforcement Assistance Program (criminology, psychology, sociology). 


His extra-curricular activities included volunteer work as an Assistant Scoutmaster (Troop 196), Tiger Cub leader, Cubmaster (96 Cubscouts in Pack 796) and adult trainer for the Boy Scouts of America. He is an Eagle Scout. He was on several church committees including building committees. Roger carves Native American flutes and plays flute music. He enjoys reading, hiking, camping, fishing, genealogical research (over 29 years of research on the family of Ambrose Bull, circa 1750), astronomy and electronics tinkering.


His secondary occupation was computer programming and consulting. He constructed his first computer from chip level, two years before Wozniak and Jobs retailed the Apple IIe. He has operated his own computer consulting business, Bull Data, since 1980. He is the founder of the West Bank computer Users Group (WBUG) which had 125 members.


He is a moderator for the Fairhope Writers' Group in Fairhope, Alabama. Think Sonny Brewer and the Southern Writers Conference. Sonny promotes southern writers, especially those living in and around Fairhope, Alabama. Through Joe Formicello and Suzanne Hudson, in a program granted by the State of Alabama Writers' Guild, Roger and Karen attended a writers workshop at the University of South Alabama. Upon completion of the course, the attendees decided that the group should continue to meet weekly to assist each other in polishing their respective work.


His wife, Karen, writes murder mysteries with crime scenes occurring mostly in New Orleans and others along the Gulf of Mexico. Her first three books are part of a trilogy. Some of the characters exist in all of the stories of this trilogy; but each can be appreciated as stand-alone novels. She has two other books in mind that are independent of the trilogy and each other. The non-published titles of the first two books are, "Past Ties" and "The Red Shoe."


He has published a book of poetry, "Within The Heart And Soul," in 2007. The profits of which were donated to his church for rebuilding an adult education building that burned in a fire.


Roger is currently writing a terrorist mystery, tentatively titled "El Rey del Tiempo: Its Not What You Think." It is an ambitious novel with eight strong characters from various parts of the world. The power, greed and political madness of the world has brought this group together for some chilling and thrilling episodes.

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