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Aileen Christine Herndon was born in San Antonio, Texas and has four children and five grandchildren. She is currently an Airport Police officer in San Antonio, Texas. She started her career in 1987 with the Bexar County Sheriff’s Department; five years working at the county jail and six years as a foot patrol, court security SWAT officer. In 1999 she performed as a Police Corporal at Out Lady of the Lake University Police and continued her career in 2006 with the San Antonio International Airport Police. She is an FTO and a member of the Airport Police Honor Guard.  Aileen Christine Herndon is the author of Is He Cheating? and Battered Badge: First The Bruises, Then The Badge.


According to the book description of Is He Cheating? “A wife's true story how she suffered through an unwanted divorce. She shares how she ignored the obvious signs that her husband was having an affair. Both law enforcement officers, she begins to blame her husband's behavior on a shooting incident that left one man dead. Her desperation to save her marriage, after her husband left on Christmas morning, led her to learn a valuable lesson in life. Learn from her experiences. The warning signs, tragedy, blessings from God and her heart awakening to a new victorious life.”


According to the book description of Battered Badge: First The Bruises, Then The Badge, “She was only eighteen years old when she first tasted the blood of violence. She was a young mother, tired of the abuse and constantly on the run, escaping the raging fists of her husband, the man she once loved and trusted. Betrayal of his promises, the beatings, and a near-death experience brought her to find refuge behind a police badge. Her chilling and shattering details of abuse take you on a long journey where she finally ends the family violence and becomes a cop. Based on a true story, Aileen Christine takes you back into the early 1970s when most police were reluctant to make an arrest during a domestic violence call.”

Is He?: Is He Cheating?
Elena Herndon  More Info

Battered Badge: First The Bruises, Then The Badge
Aileen Christine  More Info

About the San Antonio Airport Police Department

The San Antonio International Airport Police Division is part of the Aviation Department for the City of San Antonio.  The Chief of the Airport Police answers to the Airport Operations and Facilities Management Assistant Aviation Director. According to the San Antonio Airport Police Department, “Airport construction presents additional challenges in the areas of safety and security. With added responsibilities, the Aviation Department’s Airport Police Division increased staffing from 58 to 65 in 2007 and stepped up patrols, incorporating the use of bicycles and Segways. Using this equipment allows for a quicker response to calls in areas not readily available to a patrol car, as well as improves the officer’s effectiveness in crime prevention/detection. During 2007, Airport Police responded to 8,004 calls for service.”

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