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Colonel Michael Angley, author of the Child Finder trilogy, is a retired Special Agent of the Air Force Office of Special Investigations (OSI).  The OSI is the Air Force equivalent of the Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS), was modeled after the FBI, and has dual missions: felony-level criminal investigations and counterintelligence operations.   Since the late 1990s, the OSI has also developed a robust counterterrorism program to keep up with the increase in terrorism worldwide.

Mike is also a retired USAF Colonel, and in his 25-year OSI career, he has literally “seen it all.”  When he was a young Special Agent in northern California he worked a number of undercover narcotics operations targeting Air Force jet mechanics who were using, selling, and distributing a variety of narcotics .  Following a firm grounding in criminal investigations, to include, murder, arson, and child crime cases, Mike began to specialize in counterintelligence operations.  During his career he held thirteen different assignments worldwide, with most of his overseas time in the Far East and Middle East.  In 1996 he took command of all OSI units in the Middle East where he was responsible for operations in 23 countries.   He established groundbreaking concepts for the conduct of counterterrorism programs that led the way to current operations in Iraq and Afghanistan.

When Mike retired in 2007, he was the Commander of OSI Region 8, Air Force Space Command, Peterson AFB, Colorado.  He was responsible for all OSI criminal investigations and counterintelligence operations at thirteen Air Force Space Command locations in the United States.

In retirement, he is pursuing his passion – writing thriller novels.  His career as a USAF Special Agent prepared him well for this “second career,” and in particular, his years of running investigations involving child victims moved him to develop the Child Finder trilogy.

According to the book description of Child Finder, it “gets its inspiration from Angley’s long, multifaceted career where he was able to experience the full gamut of felony-level criminal investigations, as well as dangerous counterintelligence and counterterrorism operations around the world.  His second novel, Child Finder: Resurrection will debut in the fall, 2009, followed by the third story in the trilogy, Child Finder: Revelation in late 2010.

Child Finder, the debut novel by Colonel Michael “Mike” Angley (USAF, ret), launches his new mystery/suspense thriller trilogy.  Angley introduces a protagonist as tough as 24’s Jack Bauer, but with the endearing, family-values heart of 7th Heaven’s Eric Camden—Special Agent Patrick S. O’Donnell…an early-thirties Air Force Major assigned to the Pentagon when the 9/11 terrorist attacks take place.  His haunting dreams about missing children reveal a hidden psychic gift which the government eagerly exploits, drawing him into a TOP SECRET program to find abducted kids.  But to make matters complicated, Uncle Sam has other ideas in mind for his unique paranormal talents…after all, there is a War on Terror underway. One thing’s for sure—ever since joining this new, secret community, he is surrounded by murder, and the very real threat of harm to his own family!

O’Donnell is a man of deep faith and is a loving and devoted husband and father.  He must make tough ethical choices in order to balance his desire to rescue children with what he knows to be right and wrong when it comes to what the government expects him to do.  And all the while he threads through this murky moral morass, he must solve the murders that occurred because of him, while protecting his family who have become trapped in a twisted web of government intrigue.”

On reader of Child Finder said, “Child Finder is a gripping tale that combines the psychic world with the oft-times political world in which law enforcement agencies battle over turf at the expense of innocents. Angley's ability to give the reader a behind the scenes look at what happens behind closed government doors is an eye opener. His character development is superb, from the protagonist to the most obscure bit player. I thoroughly enjoyed this thriller. He had me on the edge of my seat at several junctures, causing me to read on and on. I look forward to the follow-up in the series.”

Child Finder
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Armchairreviews.com said of Child Finder it “is the first book of a new suspense thriller series featuring Air Force Special Agent Patrick O'Donnell. Patrick discovers he has a psychic gift as he begins to experience very vivid and sensory detailed dreams about children that are missing. Not wanting to risk his military career he approaches a trusted former commander who is rumored to run a Top Secret program that includes anything in the paranormal realm. Patrick is quickly pulled into the program and proves he can locate these missing children under the right conditions. But Patrick is worried about how the program is affecting his family life and he is also very concerned about some of the government's methods to ensure this program remains a secret. Murderers are being caught-but are innocent people's rights also being violated?

I loved this book! A former Military Intelligence Officer, the author's background adds credibility to this fascinating look into covert operations. But just because he knows what he is talking about doesn't mean he can tell a good story or especially write one! Luckily for those of us who love secret undercover organizations, paranormal stories, and great intriguing suspense filled tales, Mike Angley has it all together.

Patrick is a remarkable character, honorable, moral, patriotic, and a devoted Catholic. It does not matter what your religious beliefs are, Patrick's conflict between his religious beliefs and his psychic gift makes for a fascinating contrast. You'll but love the character of this dedicated and truly caring man. I would not say this is a "Christian book" as that puts limitations on it that are not really valid. Patrick has a strong belief system but the other character's beliefs do not come into play and obviously some of them are not believers by their actions. This story is in no way preachy. His beliefs are what make up his character and a part of him that cannot and should not be separated out.”

Library Journal said of Child Finder, “This compelling debut novel, the first in a trilogy, features a memorable protagonist who is a combination of devoted father and mystic. For fans of supernatural thrillers and those who enjoy the TV show Medium, this is a real find.”  Armchair Interviews gave it five stars and noted, “I loved this book!  This is a book for anyone who loves political suspense, secret government agencies, and uniquely gifted heroes!”

On reader of Child Finder said, “I received a tip about Mike Angley's new book Child Finder. I contacted the Author and received a signed and numbered book.  I started reading and could not put it down! Thrilling, entertaining, and mystery are all built into this story. I was not disappointed. If anything I was amazed at how quick it caught me and didn't let go. I am on the look out for the next release. It was a thrill ride from the beginning and I expect the ride to continue.”

Air Force Office of Special Investigations

The Air Force Office of Special Investigations has been the Air Force's major investigative service since August 1, 1948. The agency reports to the Inspector General, Office of the Secretary of the Air Force. AFOSI is headquartered at Andrews Air Force Base, Md., but has units in 221 places globally -- both on Air Force bases and in strategically important locations around the globe.


AFOSI provides professional investigative service to commanders of all Air Force activities. It's mission is to identify, exploit and neutralize criminal, terrorist and intelligence threats to the U.S. Air Force, Department of Defense and U.S. Government.

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