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Al Bermudez Pereira

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Al Bermudez Pereira, “a Florida resident, is a retire New York State Correction Officer and Hispanic American writer. He is known for writing his first book, “Sing Sing State Prison, One Day, One Lifetime,” featured in the Ossining Historical Society Museum and reviews from City of Lakes Lifestyle Magazine 2007, ECO Latino Magazine 2007, Dr. Phillips Lifestyle Magazine 2007, Longwood Lifestyle Magazine 2007, and other Central Florida publishing companies.

Al Bermudez Pereira was born in Brooklyn, NY. He was the third of seven children. His parents, Margarita Morales Pereira, a stay at home mom and father Deusdelid Bermudez, a custom tailor; were both natives of Monte Santo in Vieques, Puerto Rico. His mother later divorce and married Cruz Morales of Culebra, Puerto Rico, a career handyman and cousin to Professional Wrestler, Pedro Morales. Bermudez’s career service training included; NYS Municipal Police Training Council Division of Criminal Justice, NYS Department of Corrections, NYC Police Department Auxiliary Forces, NYS Corrections Emergency Response Team, NYS Westchester County Fire Training Center, NYS Commission of Correction Suicide Prevention and Intervention, Seminole County Sheriffs Office Community Law Enforcement Academy and Lake Technical Center Institute Of Public Safety.


Al Bermudez Pereira has received Commendations and Notable awards from; National Rifle Association Recruitment Award, NYS Westchester County Law Enforcement Hispanic Society, NYS Correction Officers and Police Benevolent Association, NYS Sheriff's Association, NYS Law Enforcement Officers Union of Council 82, National Campaign for Tolerance and receiving commendations by Washington Correction Officers Local 3046, for his heroic efforts in entering an uprising and assisting in regaining control of Washington Correctional Facility, Comstock NY, and Superintendents commendation of Downstate Correctional Facility, Fishkill NY, for his heroic efforts in a well organized prison control domination, after a ration of unprovoked slashes and stabbing attacks against Correction Officers.


Al Bermudez Pereira is the first Latino Correction Officer in Sing Sing's 184 year history to write a book on Sing Sing State Prison.”  He is the author of Sing Sing State Prison: One Day, One Lifetime and Ruins of a Society and the Honorable.


According to the book description of Sing Sing State Prison: One Day, One Lifetime, it “describes the author's firsthand account of growing up on the streets of Brooklyn, New York, as a young Latino man. This book details his career as a corrections officer at Sing Sing State Prison. Bermudez Pereira informs the readers, in a way that only a person who has experienced prison life can, about the inner workings of the prison system and gives insight into our justice system. He explains the great amounts of corruption within Sing Sing and offers explanations to this corruption as well as possible solutions.”

Sing-Sing State Prison: One Day, One Lifetime
Al Bermudez Pereira  More Info

According to the book description of Ruins of a Society and the Honorable, it “is an autobiography and a story based on real life circumstances as I lived it and remember it to the best of my knowledge and recollection. Names have been changed to protect sources from reprisals and legalities. Real names contained in this book were either approved by the individuals personally; were part of a publication made available to the public and encrypted in citations or were spoken of by me in honorability; while others are based on personal opinions. This book contains incidents which took place in one day and a half while at a prison where I worked and outside the prisons environment. It then sidetracks to speak of other stories, voice opinions and reflects on my life as a young Latino growing up in Brooklyn and abroad.


This book honors many who crossed paths with me during my lifetime, who inspired me and whose recognition is well deserved. Honorableness can be described in many different definitions and involve many different circumstances that led me to honor who I felt deserves to be honored, and indeed an honor for me to do so. Although 75 percent of this book is based on prison experiences, other parts of this book relates to the many life encounters we’ve all experienced in our own lives. In reference to autobiographies and real life circumstances concerning prison life, this will be Al Bermudez’s final book. Throughout this book, the actual story stops with an asterisk, (*) to voice an opinion or explain a different set of circumstances; then it continues onto the actual story with the words.”


About Sing Sing Correctional Facility

Sing Sing Correctional Facility is a maximum security prison in the Village of Ossining, Town of Ossining, New York, United States. It is located approximately 30 miles (50 km) north of New York City on the banks of the Hudson River. Ossining's original name, "Sing Sing", was named after the Native American Sinck Sinck tribe from whom the land was purchased in 1685.  Sing Sing houses approximately 1,700 prisoners. There are plans to convert the original 1825 cell block into a museum.

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