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Crime Scene Investigation (2nd Edition)
Thomas F. Adams  More Info

About the Santa Ana Police Department

The Department has 700 employees providing a variety of police services, in positions as police officers, dispatchers, detention officers, and police service officers.  In addition to the Office of the Chief of Police, the Santa Ana Police Department is organized into five bureaus: Administrative Bureau; Field Operations Bureau; Investigations Bureau; Jail Bureau; and, Technology and Support Bureau.




Alan Caddell is a Commander with the Santa Ana Police Department. He holds a Master of Arts in Education from Pepperdine University and is a graduate of the POST Master Instructor Development Program. A trainer for over 15 years, Alan has extensive experience and expertise in the area of instruction design and technology. Alan has taught advanced PowerPoint and on-line training for POST and other law enforcement presenters and is currently teaching a variety of programs.


Alan Caddell is the Co-author of Crime Scene Investigation.  According to the book description, “Focusing on the basics of crime scene investigation as it should be done by professionals, this book shows how to do a perfect job; its emphasis is on proven evidence, collection, and analysis. It provides a high level of relevant and realistic information needed to process crime scenes in today's environment. Generously illustrated with photographs, the book clearly demonstrates techniques used by field and lab personnel to preserve, process, and analyze a wide variety of evidence. Career profiles of working professionals in the field and actual case histories document how crime scene investigation is successfully used to solve crimes. For professionals in a variety of forensic science fields, including firearms examiners, fingerprint examiners, serologists, toxicologists, photographers, journalists, crime scene investigators, and others in the field of law and law enforcement.”


According to one reader/reviewer, “As a former police reserve officer, I spent years requesting CSI with little understanding of just what they do. This book goes well beyond lifting fingerprints and other routine tasks that police officers are typically limited to. I now have a better awareness of the capabilities of CSI and considerations about how to protect a scene and how CSI can be used to investigate certain crimes. I also have a greater appreciation for CSI personnel and the difficult job they have. I liked the book and believe it would be helpful to anyone in law enforcement.”

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