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Alan L. White is a police officer with the Clare Police Department (Michigan).  He began his law enforcement career with the Clare Police Department.  He relocated an even colder climate and went to work as a police officer for the Skagway Police Department (Alaska).  After two years, he returned to the Clare Police Department.  Presently, besides working patrol, he teaches the DARE program and is a chemical weapons instructor.

Alan White’s book, Alaska Behind Blue Eyes, is the story of his time as a police officer in Alaska.  According to the book description, Alaska Behind Blue Eyes is “Alan White's journey as a young police officer struggling with life.  More than a collection of police stories, he blends observation and memory into thoughtful essays that will touch anyone, who has either survived young adulthood or left home for parts unknown, or both.  With tourism as its base, Skagway, Alaska, challenges the author in many ways.  "I quickly found one of my main duties as a police officer in Skagway was keeping the tourists from killing themselves" he explains. If you have ever dreamed of Alaska,  contemplated leaving home, and venturing to a wonderful place, or simply enjoy a refreshing outlook on life, 'Alaska Behind Blue Eyes' will keep you entertained from cover to cover.”

One reader of Alaska Behind Blue Eyes said, “Having grown up about 60 miles from Clare and having recently visited Skagway, White's book captured my heart. As I read his book I could "see" Broadway, the towering mountains surrounding Skagway, the cruise ships at the end of the dock, etc. A small town Michigan boy who followed his dreams and shared his experiences will make you laugh, cry and wonder what will happen next. A must read book for anyone who loves the beauty, tranquility and adventures of Alaska.”

One reader of Standing ground: Alaska stories, police tales, and things I'd rather not talk about said, “'I'm not a Tolstoy, just a Chex Mix everyday kind of author', is how Alan White described himself to a young reporter/interviewer. While we need Tolstoy's, I also need the whimsy of Chex Mix writers who return me to the memories of life in rural America. The fast pace of modern society often leaves me weary by the end of the day. Relaxing with stories about Grandpa's pet bass Gully, a child named Hannah, what to do when an arachnophobia faces his greatest fear while fishing in a river, a night as the official police bat catcher in small town rural America, the poignant story of Peaches the deer and fishing with a rural convenience store clerk named Calvin, well it's a satisfying read and just what I need to end my day and remember that the good things are still out there. Thanks Alan!”

Alaska Behind Blue Eyes: A Police Officer Discovers Life, Love and Law Enforcement on the Last Frontier
Alan L. White  More Info
Standing ground: Alaska stories, police tales, and things I'd rather not talk about
Alan L White  More Info

Alan White is also the author of Standing ground: Alaska stories, police tales, and things I'd rather not talk about.

About the Clare Police Department

The City of Clare is located in Michigan’s Lower Peninsula.  The Clare Police Department consists of one chief, one lieutenant, one detective and seven police officers.  Additionally, the department has a citizen’s auxiliary compliment that consists of a captain, lieutenant, sergeant and seven auxiliary/reserve police officers.  The mission of the Clare Police Department is to protect the rights of all people within the City of Clare so that they are free from crime and able to live in peace. Clare Police Officers will serve citizens and visitors in a professional and courteous manner.





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