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Alfonso Yevoli

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Alfonso Yevoli joined the United States Navy in 1958.  In 1963, he joined the New York City Police Department and worked patrol in Bedford-Stuyvesant, “Bed-Stuy,” Brooklyn for 15 years.  He was then assigned to the warrant squad and retired from the NYPD in 1983.  Alfonso Yevoli moved to Florida in 1989 and went to work for the Department of Children and Families as an investigator. He worked there for over 13 years as both an investigator and trainer. Alfonso Yevoli is the author of Bed-Stuy The Way it Was.

According to the book description of Bed-Stuy The Way it Was, “This is a documentary of an officer, someone unprepared and untrained to achieve his ambition of being a police officer in the New York City Police Department (NYPD). I am that officer, Alfonso (Al) Yevoli, an American of Italian descent, a Brooklyn born boy (East New York) who benefited from being raised in the City that was called the "Melting Pot". When I entered the Police Academy, I had great expectations! I thought that with the training I would receive, I would be ready to face the world. Not so, as shortly after reporting to the 79th Precinct and after being assigned to patrol, I found that there was little acceptance and a lot of mistrust. I would learn patrol by trial and error and a process I refer to as learning the ABCs.”


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