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Alvin L. Vaughan was a member of the U.S. Navy during WWII.  Surviving the attack on Pearl Harbor we went on to served on the USS. New Orleans, the USS Lexington and the USS Enterprise.  Alvin Vaughan joined the Alhambra Police Department (California) in the late 1940s and served 18 years until medically retired.  Alvin Vaughan is the author of Tales from Alvin’s Place, Sharon’s Loves and Elcor.  According to the book description of Sharon’s Loves, “Sharon a California girl has a life filled with difficulty through three marriages. She exhibits strength of character beyond her years and is an example and role model for her two sisters.”

About the Alhambra Police Department

Formed in 1903, the Alhambra Police Department is currently organized into three divisions: Administrative Services; Investigative Services Division and Field Services Division.


The Administrative Services Division handles a wide variety of responsibilities, including Records, Training, Dispatch/Communications, Temporary Parking Permits, and Accounting.  The Investigative Services Division personnel are responsible for investigating reported criminal activity, identifying/apprehending criminal suspects, assisting in the prosecution of criminal offenders and recovering stolen property.


The Investigative Services Division comprises five functional units under the command of a Police Captain and are as follows: Detective Bureau; Special Enforcement Unit; Property Unit; Counseling Unit; and Crime Analysis. The Detective Bureau comprises detective and support staff and is supervised by a police sergeant. Detectives are assigned specific caseloads under one of two general categories: Crimes Against Persons and Crimes Against Property.


The Field Services Division is staffed by 60% of the Department's sworn complement, and consists of the Patrol Bureau, Traffic Bureau, Community Policing Bureau, and the Reserves/Volunteers and Canine Units. The most visible Department representatives are members of the Patrol Bureau, which answer radio calls for service in their assigned geographic areas and conduct preventative patrol and community policing activities to prevent crime and enforce state and federal laws and local ordinances.


The Alhambra Police Department is one of only a very small number of law enforcement agencies of comparable size to offer professional counseling services to its community. The counseling services are offered to those who have been victims of criminal activity or to those whom it might benefit. Professionally-trained counselors provide referral services and counseling on issues that include substance abuse, delinquency, parenting skills, child physical/sexual abuse and domestic violence.




Tales from Alvin's Place
Alvin L Vaughan  More Info

Alvin L. Vaughan  More Info

Sharon's Loves
Alvin L. Vaughan  More Info

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