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Andrew DeJohn

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Andrew DeJohn (a pseudonym to protect the not so innocent!) has many years of experience in law enforcement, in both Nassau County Police Department and the New York City Police Department. Andrew DeJohn is the author of External Affairs.

According to the book description of “External Affairs is an action packed, sexual drama police story that unfolds on the suburban streets of Long Island; home to Jerry Seinfeld, Howard Stern, Lindsay Lohan, and the Baldwin brothers. External Affairs features Nassau County police officers who handle a myriad of police calls for assistance.  In between those calls they behave like the guys from Entourage and fornicate like the Desperate Housewives, with the local overly friendly Massapequa neighborhood "MILFS". The story is an action packed, highly sexual romp, reminiscent in style to Joseph Wambaughs' Choir Boys.  It details the unique style of policing, madcap antics, and sexual exploits of police officer/ring leader Tony DeFrancisco and his three drinking and carousing police cohorts.”


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