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Andy Borrello is a Lieutenant with the San Gabriel Police Department, San Gabriel, California. With more than 21 years police experience, the past 18 years have been as a sworn full time officer (3 years as a volunteer auxiliary police officer). Lieutenant Andy Borrellos diverse background includes working as a patrol officer, defensive tactics instructor, a detective working burglary, street narcotics, vice, and as a member of a task force working major narcotics trafficking, money laundering, and organized crime.

 Lieutenant Borrello is the book author of Oral Interview Dynamics as well as numerous multi-subject law enforcement articles with topics covering police promotion, training and advanced officer development, police terminology, felony car stops, impact weapon selection, community oriented policing, and the Internet.

According to the book description of Oral Interview Dynamics, The contents of this book are designed specifically for law enforcement officers, front-line supervisors, and managers who have reached the point in their careers where they are ready to advance their rank. The focus of this information is on the police promotional oral interview. In a majority of police agencies across the country the oral interview is both the most critical part of the promotion process and the most difficult.

An officers performance during the oral interview is paramount because the process is highly competitive. Officers must out-score others also vying for promotion. This is difficult in that candidates may be competing against dozens or even hundreds of other police personnel many of whom may have greater education or more experience.

The goal of this book is to provide professional police officers with a highly effective and valuable preparatory edge. This edge translates into real-world techniques, easy-to-apply skills, and a wealth of information on how to be distinctive and perform in an exceptional manner during the oral interview. The police officer or supervisor who utilizes the content of this book correctly will stand out among the other candidates, will be recognized, acknowledged and will receive higher scores than those who entered the promotional process without such preparation.

About the San Gabriel Police Department
The San Gabriel Police Department is a full-service law enforcement agency serving a  population of over 41,000 residents.  The city is located approximately seven miles east of downtown Los Angeles and encompasses 4.09 square miles. The San Gabriel Police Department is authorized 75 total employees which includes 55 sworn Police Officers, 20 civilian employees and senior volunteers.  The Department also has volunteer Reserve Police Officers.  For fiscal year 2006-2007 the Departments has an annual budget is under consideration.  During the calendar year of 2006, officers handled approximately 23,755 incidents as recorded in the Departments Computer Aided Dispatch System.  Officers made 768 arrests and issued 27,172 citations

The San Gabriel Police Department is organized into three major divisions: Uniformed Patrol Division; Investigations; and, Administrative Services.  The Patrol Division consists of 28 uniformed police officers, four lieutenants, four sergeants, and 8 reserve officers.  Patrol officers are assigned to marked police vehicles.  This division also includes the traffic bureau and communications functions.


The Investigation Division of the San Gabriel Police Department is responsible for the investigative and follow-up responsibilities of specific criminal action that has happened within the  jurisdiction of the San Gabriel Police Department.  A Lieutenant who commands and manages the division reports directly to the Chief of Police and is responsible for the day to day operations of the division. A sergeant supervises each of the investigative details within the division.


The Investigations Division of the San Gabriel Police Department is responsible for all criminal investigations, youth and special services, crime prevention functions, drug education, the Special  Enforcement Team, School Resource Officer, Court Liaison Officer, regional narcotics task force and the property and evidence functions of the police department.


The Investigations Division of the San Gabriel Police Department initiates specialized investigations including the service of search and arrest warrants, the preparation and presentation of  criminal matters to the Los Angeles County District Attorney, Crime Prevention Through Environmental design (CPTED), residential and commercial security evaluations, Neighborhood Watch, Business Alert Network (BAN), specialized enforcement and educational programs through the To Good for Drugs and School Resource Officer programs and an award winning and nationally recognized National Night Out Against Crime.


The San Gabriel Police Departments Administrative Services Division is comprised of five separate bureaus: Personnel and Hiring, Training, Records, Information Services and Services.




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