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Anthony Schiano

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Solo: Self-portrait of an undercover cop
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From the History of the New York Police Department 

During the twenty years subsequent to the granting of Montgomeries Charter, the city advanced considerably in its municipal affairs. A poor-house and watch-house were built, fire engines were imported, and a Fire Department was permanently established. It was resolved (July 9, 1731), "to build a watch-house forthwith," on the south side of the cage in Broad street, and a committee of Aldermen was appointed to effect the necessary preliminary arrangements. On the twenty-sixth of the following month the committee submitted their report, which was adopted. Their report set forth that the said watch-house "ought to be twenty-eight feet long and eighteen feet broad, with two rooms, one of them eighteen feet long and the other ten feet, with a fire place in each room, with two door to the southeast corner thereof and to the south, and the other to the east side of the said corner, with three lights in the large room, and one small ditto in the small room." The entire expense of which, according to computation, was to amount to about £60. This watch-house stood until 1789, when it became so dilapidated that its removal became necessary, and a new one was erected.

Published in 1973, the memoir of NYPD law enforcement official Anthony Schiano.

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