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Heaven's Bouquet: Planted and Picked by GOD
Anthony Smith  More Info

About the Georgia State University Police Department

The Georgia State University Police Department is organized into Police Operations and Police Services.  The Police Operations components of the Georgia State University Police Department include patrol, pedestrian safety, communications, investigations and training.


The Patrol Division consists of one lieutenant, three sergeants and ten to fifteen police officers per shift.  The police officers in the Patrol Division patrol the university in vehicle, on bicycle and on foot. According to the Georgia State University Patrol Division, “To fulfill the role and mission to the Georgia State University Community the Patrol Bureau is responsible for providing a variety of protective and security services designed for the preservation of life, and personal safety of the University customer and the protection of personal and University property. To prevent crime and by aggressive community oriented policing and visible patrol methods.”


The Investigations Unit of the Georgia State Police Department is commanded by a lieutenant and sergeant and includes two investigators.  The Investigations Unit is responsible to conduct follow-up investigations on crimes reported to the police department.


The Police Services component of the Georgia State Police Department includes crime prevention, records, key control, security guards and event security.  Over 40 sworn and non-sworn work in Police Services.




Anthony Smith is a Georgia State University police officer. A gifted motivational speaker and youth mentor; he serves as an assistant to his Pastor at the Forest Chapel Baptist Church in Forest Park, Georgia. He is a native of Columbus, Ga. and now resides with his family in the Atlanta Metropolitan area.  Anthony Smith is the author of Heaven’s Bouquet: Planted and Picked by God.


According to the book description of Heaven’s Bouquet, it “is not just a regular book of encouragement but also a book of enlightenment. We often forget that God is the creator and sustainer of this world. Society will forever miss the mark when it comes to the understanding of life and death. We must realize that God holds the key to life and can lock the door on death. God can speak and there is life and death. In other words, God is in total control of life and death. Life cannot be life without death, and death cannot be death without life.


The deaths of others alarm humanity. We then become afraid, but we should not be afraid of death because death is imminent. The Bible speaks of dying so that we may live everlasting lives. I am writing this book in order to bring closure not only for myself but also to everyone who reads this book. When someone loses a loved one or close friend he or she tends to become bitter, frustrated, and confused. I am writing this book in memory of my mother, who passed one day before Easter 2000. I also lost my oldest brother just five months after my mother passed. This book will be helpful to anyone of any race, class, and background who has lost a loved one. As you read this book, reflect back to your lost loved one, family member, or close friend.


We all must understand that God plants and picks His own beautiful flowers of life. Each of us has an appointment set with death, and it cannot be cancelled. .” Watch therefore, for ye know neither the day nor the hour wherein the Son of man cometh. (Matthew 25:13).”

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