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Arnold M. Pine is a veteran of twenty years on the New York Police Department where he served as a very active "street cop".  His experience with the criminal element on the street and in the department itself, enabled him to create memorable characters in thrilling situations.  Arnold Pine attended Brooklyn College before and after his two year stint in the Navy during World War II.  He lettered in Wrestling, which prepared him for the battles he encountered on the streets of New York City.  Upon retirement from the Department, Mr Pine spent many years as the CEO of a water engineering business, before he engaged in writing as a full-time endeavor.  His book is Cop on the Run.

According to the book description of Cop On The Run, it “is the story of a renegade cop, Peter Santini, charged with murder, fleeing to avoid capture. He is pursued by his twin-sister, Betty, by order of her father, the family Patriarch. Betty is the most decorated female detective on the force. The twins are the products of three generations of Hero Cops. The flight and chase lead the twins through many thrilling episodes of adventure, danger and romance. When a tragic accident during a heroic act paralyzes Peter, the media exposure enables Betty to catch up to her twin. Seeing his condition, Betty refuses to arrest Peter, and returns home to marry her fiancée. At her wedding she reveals Peter's whereabouts to her father, Frank, who takes up the chase. Frank spends months helping his son recuperate, and when he feels Peter is strong enough, tries to take him into custody at gunpoint. A struggle ensues and a shot kills Peter's lover. In panic, Frank flees and is captured on the Interstate. He suffers a heart attack when his captor turns out to be the secret Frank had been hiding from his family for forty-four years.”

Cop On The Run
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About the New York Police Department

Police Officers have been officially carrying firearms while on duty since 1887, Rule 503 of the "Manual of Rules and Regulations" stated: "In addition to the ordinary baton of the patrolman each member of the Police Force shall be armed while on duty with a revolving pistol of pattern and caliber approved by the board."  In 1895 a school of Police Pistol Practice opened. Pistol practice officially started on December 30, 1895.  On June 3, 1896 the Police Board resolved to adopt a standard revolver. A .32 caliber double action 4 inch barrel Colt revolver became the standard weapon.

In 1901 the department rule changed to "each, member of the patrol force shall be armed on duty with a revolving pistol of .38 caliber…stamped with a number corresponding to the shield number of the officer." Officers of the force were exempt from the new rule and allowed to continue carrying their .32 caliber revolver.  The service revolver remained the primary weapon of Police Officers until 1993 when the Department started to equip new officers with 9mm semi-automatic pistols. The 9mm is the current service weapon of NYC Police Officers with most officers having transferred over from the old .38 caliber revolvers.



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