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My Life in the Blue Parade
Art Smith  More Info

About the Sunrise Police Department:

The City of Sunrise Police Department is a Public Safety Law Enforcement agency. As such, the Department is charged with the responsibility to protect life and property, prevent crime, respond to calls for service, and enforce City Ordinances and State Laws.


In addition, Sunrise promotes citizen communication and involvement via a variety of community-based policing initiatives.  Sunrise is rated the sixth-safest of all Florida cities with populations over 75,000, according to the 13th Annual America's Safest Cities Report.




Art Smith had a career in law enforcement from 1970 to 1986.  His book, My Life in the Blue Parade details his career beginning with the Wadsworth Police Department (Ohio).  He explores the “unusual conflicts of a police officer with the public, other police officers, administrators, and family.”  A divorce sees Smith moving to Florida and joining the Fort Lauderhill Police Department. According to the book, “after a couple years, because of internal problems, he moves back to Ohio on a promise of a position by a sheriff’s office. The promise was broken and he worked temporarily at the Marietta Police Department as a dispatcher. Art Smith returns to Florida and works five years as a police officer for the Sunrise Police Department.  Again, according to the book description, “unprofessional and unethical treatment by his supervisors and another police officer made him lose all desire to remain in law enforcement any longer.”

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