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Arthur Niederhoffer

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Arthur Niederhoffer was born in New York City, graduated from Erasmus High School and Brooklyn College, received his LL.B from Brooklyn Law School in 1939 and was admitted to the New York State Bar in 1940.  From 1940 through 1961 he was a member of the New York Police Department.  He began by "pounding a beat" and retired with the rank of Lieutenant.  In 1963 he received his PH.D. in sociology from New York University.  He has taught at Hofstra University and the John Jay College of Criminal Justice at the City University of New York.  He is the author of five academic books on policing, the most famous of which is likely Behind the Shield: The Police in Urban Society.

From the History of the New York Police Department 

The third period in the history of New York now opens. The City is a free member in a free State. She manages her institutions herself for the benefit of her people, without foreign aid or interference, and, under the change regime, her population, wealth, and prosperity increase, and her system of government develops to keep pace with the development of her life in every other phase. In that system of government no branch of the public service has had a broader or more successful growth than the public policing of the city, It will be the province of this and following chapters to describe that growth in detail.


Our Police Protectors

Holice and Debbie

Behind the Shield: The Police in Urban Society
Arthur Niederhoffer  More Info
A study of police cynicism ([University microfilms, Ann Arbor, Mich.] Publication)
Arthur Niederhoffer  More Info
The Gang: A Study in Adolescent Behavior
Herbert Aaron Bloch  More Info
The ambivalent force: Perspectives on the police
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New directions in police-community relations
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The police family: From station house to ranch house
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