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Arthur E. (Ted) Knuckey

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The Odor of Death
Ted Knuckey  More Info
Me and Other Great Hunters: A Humorous Look at True Events in the Sport of Hunting
Ted Knuckey  More Info
Recollections of a Rodeo Cowboy: We May Not Have Been
Ted Knuckey  More Info

About the San Bernardino Police Department

The San Bernardino Police Department (California) consists of 312 sworn police officers and 150 civilian personnel.  The San Bernardino Police Department is organized into three divisions: Patrol Division; Investigations Division; and, the Administrative Service Division.


The Patrol Division provides general law enforcement serves around-the-clock. Uniformed police officers and Community Service Officers respond to approximately 1000 calls-for-service every twenty-four hours. Specialized law enforcement services such as Canine Officers, Traffic Officers, and Bicycle Mounted Enforcement (BMET) Officers are part of this division.


The Investigations Division has two bureaus. The Investigations Bureau is made up of several units of detectives. The Specialized Crimes Unit, District Crimes Unit, Robbery, and Burglary Units are all supervised by tenured Sergeants. The entire bureau is led by a Police Lieutenant who is responsible for managing the complex investigative workload of this team. The Special Enforcement Bureau is made of of the Homicide Unit, Narcotics Unit, and the Multiple Enforcement Team (MET). The Special Enforcement Bureau is also managed by a Police Lieutenant.


This division provides all of the support services needed to manage a staff of over 450 employees. The Personnel and Training Unit coordinates all of the San Bernardino Police Department's personnel issues and hosts a variety of departmental training programs. The Communications Center serves as the primary Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP) for the City of San Bernardino. All of the Police Department's enforcement records are maintained in the Records Bureau. Financial and payroll services are provided by the department's Financial Services Unit. Automation and Communications equipment are maintained by the Information Technology Division's Public Safety Systems Group which is located at the main police facility.




Arthur E. (Ted) Knuckey was a Hospital Corpsman in the United States Navy.  Discharged in 1951, he returned to his life as a professional rodeo cowboy.  In 1954, he joined the San Bernardino Police Department (California), retired 22 years later at the rank of lieutenant.  A law school graduate, he was ultimately appointed as a Superior Court Commissioner in 1988 and retired in 1999.  He is the author of Me and Other Great Hunters: A Humorous Look at True Events in the Sport of Hunting; Recollections of a Rodeo Cowboy: We May Not Have Been; and, The Odor of Death.


According to the book description of The Odor of Death, “With its cast full of brawny, bright, and beautiful characters, this book is a thrill a minute! The Odor of Death is a must for anyone who loves a modern adventure. The author has crafted a compelling and thoroughly entertaining story that includes wonderfully accurate depictions of cowboys, cops, and civilians.”

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