In 1361, the Justice of the Peace Act in Medieval England sorted out competing systems.

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Atlantic City Police Department (New Jeresy)

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Jack Kelly

About the Atlantic City Police Department 

The Atlantic City Police Department is a full-service law enforcement agency staffed by approximately 400 Sworn police officers and 150 civilian personnel.  In addition to the basic patrol function, the Atlantic City Police Department conducts criminal investigations” According to the Atlantic City Police Department, “The General Investigations Section (“GIS”) is responsible for the investigation of serious and non-serious criminal complaints as well as crimes against people and property.  It is also responsible for investigating cases of unexplained death.

New Homeland Security measures have increased the responsibilities and cooperation of the General Investigations with outside Agencies such as the New Jersey State Police, Federal Bureau of Investigation, and Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco & Firearms.

The GIS is comprised of the Warrant Unit, the Police Aide Program, the Pawn Unit, the Technical Agency Computer Operator, the Arson Unit, the Domestic Violence Response Team, the Juvenile Bureau, and the Forensic Investigations Unit.  In the year 2002 The 10 Officer “Casino Investigation Unit” was phased out, and the investigators were absorbed into the General Investigations Unit in order to streamline the division and handle the more than 12, 961 criminal investigations generated in 2003.”

Selected books by Atlantic City Police Department police officers.

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