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B.A. Hartford

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B.A. Hartford was a Los Angeles Police Department police officer.  He is the author of Sergeant Ranger and the Cocaine.  According to the book description, “Sargent Ranger just ended his twenty year tour with the Green Beret and was looking forward to going home to his family and to start building a new life for his family and himself. He could not wait to get home for he had planned for many years on having a gas station. After he got home, he began to build his dream-his gas station was doing well, his wife was in the family way, and they had one child already-a young teenage daughter. One day, he decided that he would pick up his daughter at the school. Arriving at the school he saw two men talking with her.”


He got out of the car and walked up to his daughter and asked who the two men were. She replied that she didn't know them and that they tried to give her some candy, as they called it. He walked over to where the two men were, and said, "I want to talk to you. My name is Ranger, and I am the father of the young girl that you just tried to give some candy to. I know what that word means. If I ever see you around this school and my little girl again, there will be hell for you to pay." One of the men lunged at him, he evaded his attack and knocked him flat to the ground. The other man tried to take a swing at him with the butt of his gun but he was too alert for him. He let the two men drive away. As they drove off, one of the men shouted, "you have not seen the last of us. The next time you will be the one that will pay." He reported what had happen to the police and pushed the events aside, and went on with his life not knowing what was to take place next.”

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