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Barry Mason is a detective with the Cobb County Police Department (Georgia).  He has a BA in commercial art and psychology and has worked in law enforcement for over ten years; first as a crime scene technician, then a police officer, and finally a detective.  He is the author of two books – Maroon, Killswitch and, Liberals Don’t Flush.

According to the book description of Maroon “A police recruit tries to absorb everything his complicated new job has to offer. A veteran homicide detective struggles on the edge of self-destruction. A young and beautiful high school art teacher begins a new life, in a new town. They have nothing in common…until the madman the press calls The Machine pulls them into his world of carnage and delusional fantasy. Fueled by fury, the killer stalks his prey with an uncontrollable desire. His disorganized personality type leads to acts of compulsion unlike anything ever seen within the ranks of the Cobb County Police Department. The killer calls himself SFT, and scrawls the letters at his scenes. He’s enormously powerful and confident as the beast…claws and teeth rip at innocent flesh. The crime scenes are horrific. But, as a man, he moves unnoticed through everyday life. Watch the story unfold through the eyes of the characters…through the killer’s eyes, as he labors to make the world into what he has envisioned for it…Maroon!”

According to one reader of Maroon, “I hope this is only the beginning for Barry Mason. The book Maroon is both exciting and spell binding. With 15 years of police experience in both the patrol and detective bureaus, I found Maroon to be extremely entertaining and well written. I thoroughly enjoyed the book from beginning to end and I hope there is more to follow. Anyone with an interest in investigations and suspense should get this book as they will find it impossible to put down until they have finished reading the entire book. Barry Mason did an outstanding job on this book and I hope he will continue with more books of this nature. Well done.”

Barry Mason’s second book is Killswitch.  According to the book description, “Imagine routinely answering your telephone or turning on your TV, radio or computer. Something is different this time, though. You hear a series of digital tones and your inhibitions are instantly gone. You were a good person, law-abiding and honest. Now you’re a human monster driven by self-indulgence, sexual depravity and unbridled violence. You’ve just experienced Killswitch.

Now imagine Killswitch unleashed upon an entire country. That’s what happens in this government conspiracy story of power hunger and corruption, as the United States becomes a battleground of evil. The primary character is LAPD narcotics agent Melvin Berry. Go with him on his wild cross-country trek to save his family. Along the way you will encounter the Killswitch—induced lives of a college football star, unorthodox CIA operatives, murderous drug lords, Mississippi minister Joe Salter, and a pathway of corrupt officials leading directly to the White House. Enjoy the ride.”

Barry Mason said of Liberals Don't Flush, “Love it or hate it depending on whether or not you're out of diapers! Liberals are cornered, smacked down, and not allowed to get back up.”

Barry Mason  More Info

Barry Mason  More Info

Liberals Don't Flush
Barry Mason  More Info

About the Cobb County Police DepartmentThe Cobb County Police Department has a progressive history that started in 1924. The Cobb County Police Department was established with the appointment of two police officers, who worked for the Sheriff, directing traffic. They occupied a small office in the basement of the "old" courthouse, on the square in Marietta. Today, the Cobb County Police Department has 584 sworn officers and is responsible for the delivery of police service to a diverse population in excess of 600,000 citizens over a 340 square mile area.

The Cobb County Police Department is an agency of the Cobb County Department of Public Safety.  The Chief of Police is the Commander of the department and is appointed by the Director of Public Safety, with confirmation by the Cobb County Board of Commissioners.  The Chief of Police may grant or delegate authority to ranking members of the Department as necessary for the efficient operation of the Department.  He has the ultimate responsibility for the preservation of life, property, order, investigation of crime, suppression of criminal activity, and enforcement of state laws and county ordinances.

Two Deputy Chiefs of Police, appointed by the Chief, are assigned to the Office of the Chief of Police.  The Deputy Chiefs report directly to the Chief and act on his behalf in his absence.  The Deputy Chiefs exercise authority over all components of the Department and confer regularly with the Chief on operational and administrative matters. One Deputy Chief is responsible for the activities of the Detective Bureau and Administration and the other Deputy Chief is responsible for the activities of the Uniform Bureau.  An Adjutant is assigned to each Deputy Chief.

Cobb County is divided into five precincts.  Each precinct is commanded by a Major who is responsible to his precinct within his area of operation for the preservation of life, property, order, initial investigation of crime, suppression of criminal activity, and enforcement of State Law and County Ordinances.  The Precinct Commander is supported by all components of the Department in order to successfully execute these responsibilities.  Shift Lieutenants at each precinct act as Precinct Commander in his absence.     


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