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Barry W. Ozeroff has been a police officer for twenty-three years, working six years in La Mesa, California and for the last seventeen years in Gresham, Oregon.  In early 1994, he joined the SWAT tactical unit of Gresham SERT (Special Emergency Response Team) and served as the team’s primary sniper from 1996 to 1999.   He left the tactical unit in 1999, and joined the Crisis Negotiation Unit in 2001, where he currently serves as the team’s lead hostage negotiator and trainer.

Barry Ozeroff is currently a full-time traffic motorcycle officer. He is a member of the Vehicular Crimes Team, a traffic homicide investigation and crash reconstruction team. In the past, he has served as a Public Information Officer and a School Resource Officer.


In 2005, Barry Ozeroff was the recipient of the Gresham Police Department’s Medal of Valor, stemming from an incident in which he disarmed a man who was in the process of killing himself with the same knife he had just used to murder a relative.  Barry was also recognized with a Lifesaving Award by the Oregon Police Officer’s Association as a result of this incident.


Barry Ozeroff is married with six children and three grandchildren, and makes his home in the Portland area.  His first short story Bum Deal appears in the April 2009 issue of The Midnight Diner, and The Dying of Mortimer Post is his third novel, following Sniper Shot and its sequel Return Fire.


According to the book description of Sniper Shot, it “is the dramatic, suspense-filled debut novel about the ongoing and potentially deadly conflict between Ben Geller, primary sniper on the Stratton, Oregon Special Response Team and Bob Slater, the team's secondary sniper. Despite Slater's superior marksmanship, Geller is the primary sniper skills because Slater, a world-class long distance, high-powered rifle competitive shooter, lacks the patience and discipline needed to assume the position of primary sniper. Sniper Shot takes readers deep into the world of this special elite team, and through a series of extraordinary twists and turns, moving toward the kind of showdown nobody expects between Geller and Slater—one of them is a robber and murderer, and the game of cat and mouse between the two, sets up a taut, dramatic finale.”


One reader of Sniper Shot said, “If you ever wanted an education about the craft of being a sniper this is the book to read. Ozeroff calls upon his experience as a sniper to tell an exciting story.  The sniper squad is based in Portland Oregon. Your two primary characters are Ben Geller and Bob Slater. Geller is the primary sniper despite Slater's being a world class long distance shooter. Slater lacks the discipline and character to be the primary sniper. They are both members of the Special Response Team. They are bitter rivals as well.  You are taken into several sniper situations involving the two main characters. It makes for an entertaining read. You finally are taken to a showdown between the two snipers. One of the men is honest while the other man is a thief and basically dishonest. To say the least this story has an exciting finish. This is a very good book. You will enjoy reading it.”

Sniper Shot
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Return Fire
Barry Ozeroff  More Info

One reader of Sniper Shot said, “Author Barry Ozeroff in his debut novel "Sniper Shot" takes the reader for a real thrill ride filled with intrigue and a series of unexpected twists. His book has all the markings of becoming a best seller. It has an intelligent plot and great characters that the author has done a good job fleshing out for the reader. This book is not filled with lots of moral messages but it is full of pure exciting entertainment adventure. This is a man's kind of book that can be read and enjoyed equally by a woman.  My son is a police officer, so I had some idea of what that job is like. However, I did not have a clue as to what it might be like for officers on a special response team such as a sniper. The author writes with much authority and seems to understand the emotional liabilities that occupation might have on men under stress. The dialog is done well and does not feel contrived. This is a good old fashion adventure thriller to read and kill an afternoon or a night. Great suspense novel! A must read book!”


According to the book description of Return Fire, “Police SWAT Team sniper Ben Geller and his family find themselves targeted by two malevolent stalkers. The first, dubiously nicknamed The Shadow, has fifteen million dollars at his disposal, the lost ransom from an unsolved hostage siege. As the body count rises, so do Ben's suspicions, and he eventually uncovers a horrible and personal truth.”


About the Gresham Police Department

The Gresham Police Department is a full service law enforcement agency with “120 sworn employees and 32 full-time civilian employees.”  They provide law enforcement “service to over 100,000 people within 23.43 square miles.”  The department is organized into a Investigations Division, Services Division and Operations Division.  The Operations Division includes the patrol shifts as well as the traffic unit, Special Emergency Response Team, Gang unit, jail and air support.

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