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Bergen County Prosecutor's Office (New Jersey)

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Anthony D'Augustine

About the Bergen County Prosecutor's Office 

Under New Jersey laws, the Bergen County Prosecutor is the chief law enforcement officer for the County of Bergen. The Prosecutor is a constitutional officer charged with the broad obligation "to use all reasonable and lawful diligence for the detection, arrest, indictment and conviction of offenders against the laws." As such, the Prosecutor has wide-ranging authority over the law enforcement community in the county.

The Bergen County Prosecutor’s Office is composed of Criminal Investigation Squads which are charged with investigating specific types of crimes. Each one of the Criminal Investigations Squads is staffed with detectives who investigate the crimes and Assistant Prosecutors who are charged with prosecuting the criminals. Listed below are the Divisions within the Bergen County Prosecutor’s Office: Arson Squad; Appelate and Law Section; Computer Crimes Unit; Juvenile Squad; Criminal Investigation Unit; Narcotics Task Force; Fatal Accident Squad; Sex Crimes and Child Abuse Unit; Domestic Violence Unit; Special Investigations Squad; Homicide Squad  Trial Section; Grand Jury Section; and, Computer Division.

The Homicide Squad is responsible for investigating all homicides and suspicious deaths that occur within the County of Bergen. This includes the death of a person while in police custody and police involved shootings. The Squad is also responsible for the investigation of persons missing under circumstances which appear suspicious. The squad is also responsible for investigating unsolved homicides that occurred within Bergen County. The investigations are conducted jointly by the Homicide Squad and the police department where the death occurred. When requested by municipal departments, the Squad sometimes assists in attempted murder cases, depending on the severity of injury inflicted and the complexity of the case.





Books by Bergen County Prosecutor's Office law enforcement officials.

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