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Bergen County Sheriffs Office

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David Behrens, Sr.

About the Bergen County Sheriff’s Office

The Bergen County Sheriff’s Office has six organizational units: Court Security, Homeland Unit, K9 Unit, Sheriff’s Operation, Prisoner Transportation and Special Operations Group.  According to the Bergen County Sheriff’s Office, the Special Operations Group “serves as the Sheriff's high-risk operations team, which is responsible for all high-risk preplanned operations requiring heavy weapons and threat assessments. Unit members may be activated to conduct high-risk prisoner transports, warrant services or to neutralize an active shooter at the Justice Complex or other location. All members of the Special Operations Group are professionally trained and have attended either the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s S.W.A.T. School or the National Tactical Officers Association S.W.A.T. School.”

Books authored by law enforcement officials of the Bergen County Sheriff's Office:

2006 - 2018 Hi Tech Criminal Justice