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Bernard K. Smith

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Bernard K. Smith was a police officer for the Portland Police Bureau for eleven years.  He then continued with his career in criminal justice as a trial attorney.  He is the author of seven fiction and or/science fiction books: Chriss Cross; Hair Lock; Red Hats; Shark; Bear; Argo; and, Islands in the Sky.

According to the book description of his most recent book, Islands in the Sky, "In a world with a great gulf between the haves and have-nots, one strong willed and resourceful man fights for his future. Cord is a man that is trying to survive and thrive. He finds a woman to love and protect to share in a battle to find a better place in a frightening world."


According to the book description Red Hats, "this is a story about a young man, who spent his high school summer vacation working on the Mt. Hood National Forest in 1945.He doesn't want to be drafted into an Army-slated to invade Japan, and if he is --- he doesn't want to do it, without first tasting some of the sweet mysteries of life and love. In the meantime, he finds dangers, real and imagined: in fighting forest fires, in trying to understand the opposite sex, and coping with the antics of his fellow crew members."


According to the book description Shark, "Captain Peter Van Damm finds himself passed over for the rank of admiral and retires. The Company makes him an offer he can't refuse: command of his old Triton sub, Oregon, and a large sum of money if he will take his old sub out on a shakedown cruise with an untried heavy water power plant. He ends up with a sub half full of women, the other half consists of retired sailors and marines, and everyone trying to sink the sub."


According to the book description Chriss Cross, "A story about a rather slow boy, a quick rock, and a self-centered young girl. The moral being-be careful what you pray for-God has a sense of humor."


According to the book description Argo, "Jason Steele has no time to lose. He has managed to achieve a position of power at a young age. But even this success, is not enough. He has higher ambitions and feels an urgent need to hurry. And with the sudden arrival of a spaceship signaling to the political powers of earth, his chance has arrived. Now all he has to do is: convince the President he can captain the ship, then get a crew he can trust, and battle for the future of earth and his crew. Argo is a science fiction work, with humor, adventure, and a fast pace. This ARGO, travels through space, but it finds adventure in the same manner as its namesake."


According to the book description Hair Lock, This is the story of a boy who was beaten and abused by his stepfather, who turns to his imaginary friend, Dew, a soul twin sister from a different world where all life is based on an acidic base. How he turned into a serial killer of prostitutes, and how his alien abilities that he learned from Dew made him rich.

Red Hats
Bernard K Smith  More Info

Bernard K Smith  More Info

Islands in the Sky
Bernard K Smith  More Info

Chris's Cross
Bernard K Smith  More Info

Bernard K. Smith  More Info

Hair Lock
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Bernard K. Smith  More Info

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