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B. J. Whalen is a father and son writing team. The son, Bernard Whalen, is a lieutenant in the New York Police Department with more than eighteen years of service. During his career he has worked in New York City's Harlem, East Side, and Chinatown and in the plainclothes Anti-Crime Unit. He has sixteen department recognition awards, including two Commendations, and is a member of the NYPD Honor Legion.


His father, Jon Whalen, retired as a teacher from Manhasset High School on Long Island after thirty years in the classroom. While attending college, he worked as a New York State corrections officer at Sing Sing and Auburn prisons. He served four years in the US Army 3rd Armored Cav. Regt. in Germany. Together, the father and son teamed pen their first novel, “Justifiable Homicide.” 


One reader of Justifiable Homicide said, L”I am nearly finished with the exciting new novel by B.J. Whalen and felt compelled to write an immediate review. To use a harried cliché, once I picked this book up, I could not put it down. The novel is action-packed, well written and fast paced. Furthermore, for a mass market novel, it is solidly accurate as to the procedures and practices of the NYPD. I try to avoid speaking in hyperbole, but this novel rivals anything written by Dan Manhoney or Ed McBain. Get yourself a copy and enjoy a good old fashioned cop novel.”

One reader of Justifiable Homicide said “If you love NYPD stories loaded with suspense, you'll really enjoy Justifiable Homicide. The NYC descriptions are authentic and the action is fast paced. The story moves so fast, I finished this book over a busy weekend. Nice job by the Whalen's, can't wait for the second!”

One reader of Justifiable Homicide said “Justifiable Homicide is just the most incredible mystery/suspense book I have read in a while. It had so much happening. The settings for the book were really great. Being 46 years old and from upstate New York and also from Auburn I can relate to all the landmarks mentioned. A great book !! When can we expect another from the writing team of the Whanlens?”

Justifiable Homicide
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About the New York City Police Department 
In 1681, A. Brockhotts being Mayor, orders for the regulation of the military watch were drawn up. The most important features of the earlier regulations are repeated, and it is enacted that "the Captain or other Commission officer doe cause frequent rounds to be made about the City through all the streets and lanes, and the Grand rounds by him or themselves" if there be need. Good order is to be kept in all "publick houses," and persons are not be allowed to tipple in those places after "tenn of the clock." The officer of the watch was empowered to open and search any houses which he may suspect, and if he "finde any loose vagrant or disorderly persons that cannot give a good account of their lives and converscons, and of their occasions abroad or up in night." he may cause such persons to be secured in the watch-house, and brought before the Mayor in the morning. According to this ordinance, a list of forfeits for non-performance of duty is to be made up every third night, and turned over to the marshal, who is to make an immediate effort to collect the fines.

Detailed orders to be observed by the military watch were issued in 1682. Each company of the militia were ordered to take their guns for the watch and guard. The city was divided into three divisions, each commissioned officer taking command of his division on the watch successively. The watch was set every night by the Captain or other commissioned officer at eight o'clock. The city gates were locked by the Captain, and opened in the morning after daylight at the dismissal of the watch, and other like rules and regulations were established.

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