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About the Beverely Hills Police Department 

According to the Beverly Hills Police Department, “In 1914, shortly after the City of Beverly Hills was incorporated, Augustus Niestrum was appointed City Marshal and Jack Munson as his Deputy. In the early days, Munson's home served as the headquarters for the City's Fire and Police Departments. In early 1915, another officer, George M. Russell, who later became Postmaster, was secured.”  Today, the Beverly Hills Police Department is a full-service police department; which includes patrol, investigative and other services.

The Crime Prevention Bureau of the Beverley Hills Police Department “provides a variety of educational programs designed to assist crime victims, prevent criminal activity in the community and aid in disaster preparation. The Crime Prevention officer conducts an annual Neighborhood Watch Program in which residents are invited to the Police Department concerning programs of interest. School Resource Officers, assigned in the elementary and high schools, are liaisons between the Department and the Beverly Hills Public Schools, serving as instructors and as a police presence on campus.”

The Beverly Hills Police Department said of its patch, it “is a shield design with gold trim on a royal blue background. The center of the shoulder patch features components of the Beverly Hills City Seal: Behind a depiction of the Beverly Hills City Hall is a five-pointed Star representing the five member City Council, governing body of the City of Beverly Hills; from left to right, the Eagle holding a Serpent represents the period of Mexican sovereignty (1822-1846); the Shield of Stars and Stripes depicts Beverly Hills' status as a City of the United States of America; the Bear Flag represents the California Republic (1846) and the State of California as one of the United States of America; the Lion of Leon and the Castle of Castile represent the period of Spanish rule over what is now the State of California (1542-1821).”

Selected books by Beverly Hills Police Department police officers.

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Echoes from the Beats: Beverly Hills Cops Tell Their Stories
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