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Bill Chipman

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Sergeant Wilmon “Bill” Chipman, Harvard University Police Department, “was born and was raised in Massachusetts. He is a twenty-two year veteran of Massachusetts Law Enforcement agencies, and holds an array of instructor certifications. A graduate of the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, he began working in Law Enforcement in 1989 with the Oak Bluffs, MA, police department. In 2000, he earned a Master's Certificate in Administration and Management from the Harvard Extension School. In 2001, he earned a Master's Degree in Public Administration from Harvard's Kennedy School of Government, with areas of concentration in Leadership and Conflict Resolution.”  Bill Chipman is the author of Last Seen in the Caribbean and Sucker's Dance.

According to the book description of Last Seen in the Caribbean, “Caitlin O’Rourke disappears while on a cruise in the Caribbean. Her husband Robert is a prime suspect. Cole Pierce’s investigation reveals a serial killer who’s been preying on women in Florida and the Caribbean. The killer stays below Law Enforcement’s radar by preying on the fringes of society, and Cole steps into the international legal void. His investigation leads him to Jacksonville, Florida, onto a cruise ship, and eventually to the idyllic island of Roatan, Honduras.”

According to the book description of Sucker's Dance, “When washed up ex-police officer Cole Pierce finds a job with an insurance company investigating worker's compensation fraud, he is unwittingly set up as the fall guy for a murderous gang who have been using a construction company as their own private ATM. Pierce uncovers the plot, and is framed for several murders, finding himself on the run from the law and the real murderers. He joins with an executive from the insurance company, Walt McCallum, and his daughter, Katie, both of whom are also set up by the gang, to prove their innocence.”

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