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Street Crazy
Bill DiMonda  More Info

About the Nassau County Police Department

The Nassau County Police Department has over 2600 police officers and is one of the largest police departments in the United States.  The department is organized into three divisions: Patrol Division; Detective Division and Support Division.  The Patrol Division is the largest, providing basic police services to the population in eight distinct precincts.  Also under the Patrol Division are the specialized units like the Marine Unit, Aviation Unit and Mounted Unit.


Each of the eight precincts have their own detective squads, under the command of the Chief of Detectives.  Additionally, the Detective Division has such specialized functions as narcotics, vice, arson and explosives.  The Support Division contains units such as communications, the police academy and property Bureau. 

Bill DiMonda is a former member of the Nassau County Police Department (New York) and a retired member of the King County Police Department (Washington).   As an officer in the Nassau County Police Department he walked a foot beat and drove a district patrol car in the Seventh Precinct. As a member of the King County Police he worked as a Patrolman, a Plainclothes Investigator in the Pro Active Unit and a Detective in Homicide and Robbery. Bill DiMonda is the author of Street Crazy.


According to the description of Street Crazy, “At thirty-eight, Johnny Hardy is not your run-of-the-mill, two-bit punk down on his luck. He is one of the “new breed” of criminals who relentlessly prowl our urban streets in constant search of a helpless victim, a survivor, driven solely by his desire to be free. Word on the street where Johnny made his living is that he’s crazy. Not crazy in the way you and I, or even Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary, define it. It is more appropriate to label Hardy as “street crazy.” For this reason he has become one of the most respected and feared figures in the criminal element of the Northwest.”

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