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Bill Leahy

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Bill Leahy began his law enforcement career as a civilian employee with the Saint Louis Municipal Police Department.  He worked as a district clerk for six years and in 1956 entered the police academy.  He worked both administrative and street assignments until 1963 when he took a job as an insurance investigator who specialized in Arson and Legal Liability.  Bill Leahy is the author of Curbstone Justice.

Bill Leahy said of Curbstone Justice, “I have been collecting and writing these stories for a long time. All at once, you realize that you no longer have the luxury of waiting. As a friend of mine said, "better to do it now before you forget everything." So with that thought in mind, I began gathering all those hastily scribbled notes.  So here I am, writing and reliving those memorable years as a St. Louis cop. The book is by no means a documentary. The intent is neither to glorify the bad guys nor to downplay the efforts of the ordinary cop. The job was tough then and from we see on the tube, it is even more dangerous today.”

The Riverfront Times said of Curbstone Justice, “The 1950s were a very, very different time for the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department -- a wild-and-woolly era when some blueshirts preferred to mete out justice to no-good low-lifes on the sidewalk -- not the courtroom.  To get a taste of this freewheeling world, you might leaf through "Curbstone Justice," written by ex-officer Bill Leahy, who's also a big presence on St. Louis Coptalk, where officers new and old like to bullshit and complain about things.”

About the Saint Louis Municipal Police Department
The Saint Louis Municipal Police Department is a full service law enforcement organization led by a chief of police.  The department is organized into four bureaus each commanded by a Lieutenant Colonel of Police: Criminal Investigations and Support; Community Policing; Professional Standards; and, Auxiliary Services.  The Departments says, “The St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department has seen many changes since its inception 200 years ago. What started as a four man militia in 1808 has grown to a force of more than 1200 officers today.”

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