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Hugh W. Binyon

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Hugh W. Binyon was a Los Angeles Police Department law enforcement official and the author of Reflections in a Pig's Eye.  According to the book description, “a very powerful memoir of a retired LAPD police officer's years of duty. Written from personal first hand experiences of daily tasks assigned to him while serving under the leadership of Chief William H. Parker.”

One reader of Reflections in a Pig's Eye said, “Great insight into the operations of the LAPD when law enforcement enjoyed more rights than the criminals; the true life of one cop's contributions to and political struggles within LA's finest; the appended coinciding satirical poetry is terrific.”

Reflections in a Pig's Eye
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Another reader of Reflections in a Pig's Eye said, “I really enjoyed reading this book. It's lighter reading than other books written by former LAPD insiders; Binyon was a cop who did his job and loved almost every minute of it, which in the end, is the best that most of us could expect out of life.  The book offers a close-up look into life as an LAPD officer, and by telling his life story, the author has created a book that is fun and enjoyable read, instead of a serious, heavy and depressing experience.”

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