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BJ Bourg began his law enforcement career in 1990 with the Lafourche Parish Sheriffs Office in Louisiana. He worked dispatch while attending the academy and, upon graduation was assigned to patrol. He worked patrol for about two years; and, in February of 1993, was promoted to detective. BJ worked as a detective for over ten years.  He was promoted to sergeant and in 2003, became a full-time instructor at the police academy.  In 2004, became the Chief Investigator for the Lafourche Parish District Attorneys Office.  He still teaches at the police academy.  He began to take his life-long passion for writing seriously in 2003.  Since that time, he has published nearly 100 short stories in publications like Futures Mystery Magazine, Mysterical-E, Bewildering Stories, Apollos Lyre, Writers Post Journal, Amazon Shorts, and Chippewa Publishing.   Additionally, his short stories appear in four books, Absent the Soul (a collection of my first twelve shorts), The EX Factor (a multi-authored anthology), Stories of Strength (a multi-authored anthology, the proceeds of which benefit victims of hurricane Katrina and other disasters), and Seven By Seven (a multi-authored anthology).  BJ Bourg is also the author of James 516, Absent The Soul and Alive Into Hell: A collection of crime stories.

According to the book description of James 516, "What happens when those sworn to protect are attacked and need protection themselves? When a high-ranking cop is gunned down by a sniper, Louisiana Sheriff Calvin Burke puts London Carter and Bethany Riggs on the case. London and Bethany quickly uncover information involving a sex triangle within the sheriffs office and they subsequently arrest police sniper Kenneth Lewis for the killing.


When Kenneth commits suicide in police custody and another high-ranking cop is killed two days later, however, London and Bethany realize the case is far from closed. Things are further complicated when they locate a mysterious message at two of the crime scenesthe words James 516. Immense pressure is put on London and Bethany to solve the case. As they scramble to track down the killer, that pressure turns to heat, and they find themselves falling for each other even as they attempt to decipher the meaning of the message James 516 before the murderer takes out the sheriffs entire staff."


According to the book description of Absent Soul, "Between the covers of this collection of short mysteries, you'll find both, the living and the dead, who are Absent the Soul. You'll see the murder victims after the souls have been wrenched from their bodies. You'll step into the lives of the realistic detectives and everyday citizens who are tasked with bringing the killers to justice. You'll grow to love these characters and root for them as they sift through lies, suspects, and clues in their quest for the truth. Finally, you'll meet the killers themselves. You'll learn why they crossed over to the dark side and committed the ultimate crime of violence. If you like mystery and suspense, you'll like what you find in this collection and--after reading it--you'll be happy that you are not Absent the Soul."


According to the book description of Alive Into Hell: A collection of crime stories,  "Lydia Becker wants to leave her INDOLENT husband, but he's holding a secret over her head that makes it impossible to go; Rebecca Simms goes camping in the mountains with her husband and all is well until a BEAR starts nosing around, but the bear might not be their biggest problem; Edward Brooks uses his BACKYARD for more than work, and he might just pay a hefty price; A noise disturbs a man's sleep and something, or someone, really gets his BLOOD pumping; Reggie KELLER and his wife take the full brunt of a storm while out boating on the lake and they argue over their recent divorce plans; Winston's discovery makes him lose his lunch, but that won't stop him from trying to make a DEATH notification; Russell Allen doesn't like his son's new video game, but Brock wants to get to the FINAL LEVEL regardless.


To find out what happens to these folks, check out their stories and a dozen others, which feature normal, everyday people thrust into impossible situations that almost always calls for a murder, but are they justified? One thing is certain...the right person does not always die. Ranging from flash pieces to medium-range shorts, these stories can be gulped down with a morning cup of coffee, an afternoon sandwich, or a midnight snack. If you decide to give them a try, I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I enjoyed writing them."

According to the book description of The EX Factor: A Short Story Anthology of Justified Endings to Bad Exes, "The nine engaging authors of The EX Factor bring warmth to cold, bitter hearts, and maybe also to those of us who have a twisted sense of what is truly fair in this world. With twenty-two short stories combined into a single chilling volume, they take matters of the unjustly treated heart into their own hands. Authors: Michy Anderson, B.J. Bourg, Colin Conway, Katt Dunsmore, Patricia Harrington, Jill Maser, Sandra Seamans, Earl Staggs, Frank Zafiro."


According to the book description of Seven By Seven, it is "an anthology of forty-nine flash fiction stories, by seven talented authors, each story revolving around one of the seven deadly sins. Seven stories by seven authors, or Seven By Seven. Each story captures the author's unique take on that particular sin, and sometimes its consequences. The stories are sometimes horrifying, sometimes humorous, but always fascinating and engrossing."

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