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The author of 7 books, Bob Weir is a New York Police Department sergeant, with over ten years of undercover investigations and over 500 felony arrests to his credit.  His first book, “City To Die For” chronicles the attempted takeover of Dallas, Texas by the Mafia in the 1940's. Bob also wrote, “Powers That Be,”a story of government collusion with organized crime, and “Ruthie's Kids,” his account of growing up poor in NYC; as well as three other powerful novels.

According to the book description of Out of Sight: What you can't see can be Murder, “When a man wanders into an antique shop to get out of the rain, he discovers a way to satisfy his every desire. He soon learns that even unlimited power has drawbacks if recklessly used. As he gets accustomed to his newfound ability to influence the world, he finds challenges that even he can't overcome. He also learns that his lust for life can result in death. Each time the mysterious force is transferred to another, the owner becomes obsessed with its possibilities. When the unseen power reaches to the highest levels of government, it collides head-on with the two most famous names in politics, and together, this unlikely couple, forms an alliance to defeat the sinister plot that targeted them in a scheme to rule the country.”

According to the book description of Murder in Black and White: Ruthless ambition and the perilous journey toward salvation, “A NYC cop comes across a small suitcase full of hundred dollar bills during a botched drug sting. He sees it as his big chance to be somebody and give his family the lifestyle he hasn't been able to provide. In order to keep it, he must get through the next few days without being tripped up by his fellow officers. Using his color as a weapon, he enlists the aid of the black officer's association and accuses the department of racism as he attempts to put the blame on his white partner. Determined to remove every obstacle between himself and the money, he engages in a diabolical plot to keep the authorities at bay as the bodies pile up. Using every tactic he's learned as a cop, he begins to lose ground as the detectives put the pieces together and close in on him.”

According to the book description of Short Stories of Life and Death: Complexities of the Human Experience, “A woman, desperate to save her marriage, gives her husband’s mistress a reason to break off the affair and disappear. A detective with an unsolvable case discovers a leak in his own home. A cop learns a lesson about the evil that stalks the night. A chemist invents a synthetic blood, and becomes its first victim. A man’s wife is savagely raped, and she knows who did it. Her husband decides to save the court the expense of a trial. A man finds murder for sale at every meeting he attends. Lovers plot to kill the woman’s husband, but find themselves trapped in a scheme they didn’t anticipate. An unscrupulous lawyer fights a losing battle with her conscience. These and dozens of other stories to keep you up at night and make you wonder about the people in your orbit that may not be who you think they are.”

One reader of Powers That Be: When the Government Creates an Alliance with Organized Crime to Make Exposure Impossible, “I found "Powers That Be" so true to life. It is so suspenseful, with so many twists and turns that you will not want to put it down until you have read the last word. A man witnesses a murder, a faked suicide of a high level government official in a park in Washington DC. It will be the beginning of his worse nightmare as a gruesome conspiracy unfolds, a massive government cover-up by police and other prominent officials, all the way to the oval office. Leading to a string of murders, gangland style. When his own wife and children are threatened they will die if he talks to the two detectives that have befriended and protected him, the moment of reckoning is upon him. Can good triumph over evil? or will the conspirators prevail? I'll never tell.”

According to the book description of Deadly To Love, “Felicia Broderick had everything a woman could ask for, especially a woman who started with nothing. But when a secret love affair becomes a mind-boggling scheme involving murder, blackmail, and organized crime, she reaches back to her roots to find the toughness and tenacity to survive. Using her feminine charm, exotic beauty, and streetwise savvy, she concocts a scheme of her own to get her life back. Using a police detective as her source of information, she probes into the world of La Cosa Nostra and spins a web of mystery and murder that baffles both sides of the law. Learning the value of love too late, she embarks on a homicidal journey to make up for her past mistakes. Along the way, she discovers the dark side of her nature and struggles with the fear that she might never awaken from this lethal new identity.”

According to the book description of Powers That Be: When the Government Creates an Alliance with Organized Crime to Make Exposure Impossible, “A presidential aide is found dead in a park near the White House. A homeless person witnesses the faked suicide and becomes the target of a powerful government/mob conspiracy to eliminate him and everyone he has been in contact with. Working with a man and woman detective team, he struggles to survive long enough to tell what he has seen to someone who is not part of the many tiered system of corruption.”

Deadly to Love
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Powers That Be: When the Government Creates an Alliance With Organized Crime to Make Exposure Impossible
Bob Weir  More Info

Ruthie's Kids: Tough love from a tough Mom.
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Short Stories of Life and Death: Complexities of the Human Experience
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Murder in Black and White: Ruthless Ambition and the Perilous Journey Toward Salvation
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Out Of Sight: What You Can't See Can Be Murder
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One reader of Short Stories of Life and Death: Complexities of the Human Experience said, “I am like a child with a toy I always wanted. This book is so enticing. One story after another takes me away from my every day life and brings me so clearly into the story with dialogue of the kind that will keep me wanting to read on and on. The author Bob Weir is so descriptive that I feel like I am a character in the story. I love short stories and these quench my insatiable thirst for them. I hope this talented author writes more short story books. I'll be checking.”

According to the book description of Ruthie's Kids: Tough Love from a Tough Mom, “Tenement life on the lower east side of Manhattan in the 1950's and how a mother's love and courage rescued her seven kids from a hopeless future.”

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The Common Council, on July 10, 1684, convened "to consider of a way more suitable for establishing a Watch in this Citty, it being thought convenient that the military officers and troopers be excused there from, and proposes a rate for the same on each house." The constables in the five wards were ordered to watch by turns successively one each night and to provide for their assistance on the Watch eight persons as they should think fit to hire, for whose service each was to receive twelve pence per night out of the City Treasury.

In 1686, a new seal was granted to the city, of which the accompanying cut is a faithful reproduction. Here are depicted millsails in saltire; a bearer in chief and base, and a flour barrel, proper, on each side, surmounted by a coronet. Supporters, two Indian chiefs proper; the on the dexter side holds a war-club in his right hand; the one on the sinister holds in his left hand a bow. In the dexter corner over the Indian's head is a cross patriarchal, as emblematic of the gospel to which his is subject. One the scroll, Sigill Civitat: Nov: Eborac. The whole is surrounded by a wreath of laurel.

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