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Brawley Police Department (California)

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Jim Stewart

About the Brawley Police Department

The Brawley Police Department has an operating budget of over 4.5 million dollars and employs 47 full-time personnel.  According to the Brawley Police Department Chief of Police, “The Police Department is only one “cog” in the wheel called the City of Brawley. We could not exist without the cooperation and collaboration of the other City Departments. As the City of Brawley continues to grow we will face many challenges together. Our youth is one of our primary challenges. We need to accommodate them with recreational activities, jobs and education. Traditionally the predominate offenders of criminal statutes are young men between the ages of 15 and 25 years of age. My plan is to reach our youth early and provide education and prevention programs in order to deter substance abuse and the gang influence, which fuels theft and other more violent crimes. In an effort to reach these youth the police department’s Police Athletic League (P.A.L.) and Police Explorer programs continue to reach out and interact with our Cities youth. In addition, the Police Department has officers assigned full-time to both the elementary and high school districts as on-campus School Resource Officers.


Traffic will continue to be a problem as well. In November 2006 the Police Department created a new Traffic Division, which is currently staffed with three motor officers. The mission of the Traffic Division is to educate our drivers and enforce traffic laws. The Police Department has also implemented a K-9 program; added staff to the Investigations Division; and, created a new Special Operations Team. While a number of other changes are in the planning stages, it is my commitment to the citizens of Brawley that I will continue to implement cutting edge training and technology solutions in order to maintain public safety and to detect and deter crime in our community.”




Selected book(s) from a Brawley Police Department police officer.

The Angel from Vietnam: A memoir of growing up, the Vietnam War, a daughter, and healing
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