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Bulletproof: A Cop's Guide to Financial Success
Brett, M. Ward  More Info

About the Clearwater Police Department

The Clearwater Police Department is the third largest law enforcement agency in Pinellas County, with 258 sworn personnel, more than 150 civilian positions, and an annual budget of $27 million. For more than a decade, the department has been a national leader in the implementation of community policing and in the adaptation of computer technology to police work. It has also been in the forefront in addressing social problems such as drunk driving, homelessness, and declining neighborhoods, and it has been named one of the nation's safest cities.

Brett Ward began his law enforcement career as a member of the Belleair Police Department.   After 13 months, he joined the Clearwater Police Department and retired in 2003.  He has a BA in Criminology.  Brett Ward’s book is Bulletproof: A Cop’s Guide to Financial Success.  Brett Ward says his book is, “a firsthand, narrative style guide, written in retrospect, in which I lay out in detail how an average cop was able to successfully retire from a career in law enforcement at a young age, financially secure, and how you can, too. Every conceivable element I could imagine within the realm of finances, written directly to and concerning a law enforcement audience, has been addressed. Bulletproof covers how to get started on a sound saving/investing regimen; examines scenarios that everyone falls into; provides a full chapter answering questions you must have about the book’s content. Most of all, though, Bulletproof gives you the tools you’ll need to build the financial security necessary to retire successfully. It is tailored to you, my brother and sister officers.”

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