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The Mystique of Conspiracy: Oswald, Castro, and the CIA
Brian Bugge  More Info

About the Suffolk County Police Department

At the general election held in November, 1958 the Suffolk County Charter was submitted to the voters of Suffolk County, together with a question of whether the respective Towns and Villages should transfer their police functions to the County Police Department.


The five western Towns of Babylon, Huntington, Islip, Smithtown and Brookhaven, together with the Incorporated Villages of Lindenhurst, Babylon, Patchogue, Brightwaters, Village of the Branch, Old Field, Poquott, Belle Terre, Shoreham and Bellport, duly voted to become part of the Police District. As a result, the Suffolk county Police Department became operational at 0001hrs. on January 1, 1960.





Brian Bugge, a former sergeant with the Suffolk County Police Department (New York) has had a lengthy law enforcement career.  Currently, he is Senior Advisor with International Risk Intelligence.  Currently, Brian Bugge is the Director of Security and School Safety with Edison Schools.  In his past capacities, he has been a Director with Kroll; a security consultant with EDI; a New York City Corrections Officer; and ,an investigative aide with the U.S. Secret Service.  


Brian Bugge is a licensed Private Investigator, a Certified Protection Professional (CPP), a certified trainer in Non-Violent Crisis Intervention, a New York State Certified Police and Security Guard Instructor, a Certified Protection Officer Instructor (CPOI), and he has been trained and certified in both basic and advanced Crime Prevention techniques by The New York State Bureau of Municipal Police Training and the FBI. 


Brian Bugge is an Adjunct Associate Professor, Suffolk County Community College.  He teaches courses at both The University of Phoenix (Contemporary Issues in Criminal Justice; Terrorism; and, Cyber Crime) and Southwestern College (Personnel Investigations).  Brian Bugge received his BS in Police Science and his MA in Criminal Justice from John Jay College of Criminal Justice.  Brian Bugge is the author of The Mystique of Conspiracy: Oswald, Castro, and the CIA.


According to the book description of The Mystique of Conspiracy: Oswald, Castro, and the CIA, “The Mystique of Conspiracy delves into the mystery surrounding the JFK assassination. It focuses mainly on anti-Castro Cuban exiles and their relationship with the CIA, but it also offers an excellent framework to gauge the "plausibility" of any conspiracy theory. Unique to this work is the offer included at the back of the book to involve the reader in an online exchange with the author. The author, an online Professor of criminal justice at the University of Phoenix, will guide the reader/student into formulating his or her own credible approach to solving the nagging mystery behind the JFK assassination (or any conspiracy theory they are interested in). Also compelling is the Foreword and personal letters included in the Appendix written to the author in 1978 by David Atlee Phillips, former CIA Western Hemisphere Division Chief. Mr. Phillips passed away in 1988, but many have tried to link him directly to a CIA plot to assassinate JFK utilizing anti-Castro Cuban exiles. A new name in the annals of the JFK assassination is CIA covert operative George Joannides. Mr. Joannides passed away in 1999, but his role in directing a group of anti-Castro Cuban exiles who had contact with the assassin in New Orleans several months before the assassination has never been made public up until now. As recent as 2005 the CIA went to court and blocked the release of any documents on George Joannides. David Atlee Phillips was Mr. Joannides' supervisor in the CIA. This book will be of interest to anyone interested in the "mystique" surrounding conspiracy theories, whether it is JFK, RFK, MLK, Princess Diana, 9/11 or Russian defector Alexander Litvinenko, killed in London by radioactive polonium 210. There is a common thread that runs through them all.”

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