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Brian A. Kinnaird

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Brian A. Kinnaird “is an internationally recognized scholar, author, and trainer in the fields of criminal justice and social psychology. As a commissioned law enforcement officer, Dr. Kinnaird served as Deputy Sheriff in Ellis County, KS where he held assignments in field training, use of force instruction, and tactical team operations. Following almost a decade of police duty, Kinnaird went on to serve as a tenured professor, director, and department chair of Justice Studies at Fort Hays State University (KS). In 2007, Kinnaird returned to his hometown of Salina, KS where he has released his third book. He continues to teach university courses and train law enforcement officers & agencies.

Dr. Kinnaird earned his Ph.D. in human services/criminal justice from Capella University (Minneapolis, MN) preceded by a B.A. in sociology and M.L.S. in criminal justice from Fort Hays State University (Hays, KS).  Kinnaird is published in a wide variety of outlets including peer-reviewed journals, books, book chapters, trade publications, reviews, and columns. He is a Policy Fellow with the Docking Institute of Public Affairs and has had policy work featured as best practices by the International Association of Chiefs of Police and the Florida Department of Law Enforcement.”


Brian A. Kinnaird is the author of Use of Force: Expert Guidance for Decisive Force Response; Exploring Police Liability Profiles: Proximate Cause Analysis of Police Misconduct in the San Francisco, CA Police Department; and, Parallel Universe: Theatre for Heroism.


According to the book description of Parallel Universe: Theatre for Heroism, “Metropolis and Gotham City have always had watchful guardians. Comic book civilizations are full of them—extraordinary people who choose to share their authentic gifts to help others. Superheroes, as pop culture symbols of justice, have long been known in our law enforcement community to be a source of inspiration and moral guidance for a life served to protect. From Superman and The Lone Ranger to our men and women in blue, Brian Kinnaird examines the spirit of heroism and the human instinct to seek order and meaning in a dangerous world where today’s superheroes wear a badge and gun.”

Lieutenant Colonel Dave Grossman, the author of On Combat and On Killing said of Part Badge. Part Tights. All Hero, “And now for something completely different! Parallel Universe is a must read for (1) every cop who wants a deeper understanding of who they are and why they are, (2) for anyone who wants to understand the who and why of cops, and (3) for every comic book fan who wants to see how superheroes play out in real life.

Brian Kinnaird (AKA 'Doc Forceology') has given us a powerful insight into the true 'parallel universe' that exists in our cultural relationship between cops and superheros, myth and mortality, magic and mundane.  For as the sun warms the cold clay and fuels life on our world, so too do our dreams and noble aspirations warm the harsh night of our souls and light the way to the greatness within the common man.  And we are a better people for the understanding of these hidden things.”


Alexis Artwohl, Ph.D., the author of Deadly Force Encounters said of Part Badge. Part Tights. All Hero, “It’s easy to dismiss heroes; it’s a lot harder to be one.” Brian Kinnaird’s wonderful book explores the relationship between our fascination with superheroes and the real ones who patrol the streets. A delightfully unique approach!”


One reader of Use of Force: Expert Guidance for Decisive Force Response said, “This book is a must-have for anyone involved with the police use of force. In my experience as an officer and academy trainer, this book is easy on the eyes and relates specifically to contemporary issues in policy, training, and management of force issues. I would recommend it fully!”

According to the book description of Exploring Police Liability Profiles: Proximate Cause Analysis of Police Misconduct in the San Francisco, CA Police Department, “Law enforcement agencies are changing their prescription regarding autonomous police duty. Specifically, trends in law enforcement management now concentrate on police duty within the parameters of civil liability. With increasing criminal and civil litigation resulting from citizen complaints of excessive force, police administrators are critically analyzing their policies and procedures. A proactive initiative in risk management is a profitable approach to reorganizing police agendas responding to crime. This study looked at the 1998 policies and training protocols of the San Francisco Police Department to determine a liability risk profile following evidence of officer misconduct. By seeking a relationship between risk management variables and allegations of misconduct brought forth by citizens of the San Francisco community, proximate causes were identified regarding the misconduct. With an examination of key risk management variables and behavioral misconduct, any agency in the world can utilize this cause-tree or event-tree analysis in reducing its own liability profile.”


About the Ellis County Sheriff’s Department

According to the Ellis County Sheriff’s Department, “Since Ellis County was founded in 1867 the Sheriff's Department has been dedicated to the preservation of peace, prompt service, and the protection of its citizens and assets. With a population of approximately 27,000 citizens, our department is responsible for a 900 square mile area, which encompasses the townships of Antonino, Catherine, Munjor, Pfeifer, and Walker, this also includes the municipalities of Ellis, Hays, Schoenchen, and Victoria.”

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