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Brian Voncannon

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Brian Voncannon is a retired Deputy Sheriff from Cabarrus County Sheriff's Office (North Carolina).  A former SWAT team member, he is medically retired from the Cabarrus County Sheriff's Office.  Brian Voncannon is also honorably discharged from the United States Army (R) where he served as an infantryman an drill sergeant.  When he is not writing, he is involved in martial arts or making handmade Native American crafts.  Brian Voncannon is the author of five books: Cherokee Blue Eyes: Keeping the Heritage Alive; Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: Living With the Unknown; Shadows: Diary of a Ninja; Completing the Circle: The Hathcock Indian Blood; and, Living Behind the Shield: A Modern Warrior's Path to Bravehood.

According to the book description of Living Behind the Shield: A Modern Warrior's Path to Bravehood, “this book offers the reader a glimpse into the very soul of a law enforcement officer. From the rigors of training to the effects that this career can have on the officer, this book will enlighten the reader whether involved in this field or not. Many unknown burdens of wearing the badge are covered from the author’s own experiences. Although shocking, the realities of law enforcement are revealed from the "driver’s seat". The main thrust of this book is the challenge that officers face each day; however, a message of hope encircles the final chapter. Individuals seeking a career in law enforcement will find the content educational, while veteran officers will see that they are not alone in their daily battles.”

Brian VonCannon said of Living Behind the Shield it “is not just another "cop" book in my opinion. If it were, I probably would not have written it! This book gives you a very different angle while viewing the law enforcement officer both on and off the job. While not geographically specific, I do use North Carolina as an example when explaining what it takes to become an officer. Otherwise, the text is educational for future or veteran officers everywhere.  You will get a brief diary of some calls that I have participated in that left an imprint in my mind. I also give you a glimpse as to what can and does happen in our lives even when the badge comes off at the end of the shift. Finally, an unexpected message of hope encircles the final chapter that I felt all could benefit from. If you ever wondered what makes us officers "tick", then this book is for you!”

Brian VonCannon said of The Hathcock Indian Blood, “This new revised edition contains several changes since the publication of the first. Some information has been corrected and some has been removed. In addition to the story of the Hathcock family Indian blood, I have included my Cherokee connections via the Lambert family. The cosmetics of the book have also been changed.

This book has also become an important part of me. It has taken me on many journeys and through many hours of study, as well as family interviews. I feel that those who purchased my first book will need to see this edition also. There are many changes that the reader needs to be aware of. During the course of any research project, one will encounter information that may change 1000 times. That is the beauty of searching history, it never gets dull!! I tried to correct and add information to the best of my abilities in this edition. I am sure that the reader will enjoy what I have put together for them.”

According to the book description of Shadows: Diary of a Ninja, “This book, originally written by the author almost sixteen years ago, depicts a typical high school student that starts with no direction in life and ends up as a ninja warrior. From summer school to bloody battles with an evil ninja, Shadows will keep you on the edge of your seat.”

According to the book description of Cherokee Blue Eyes: Keeping the Heritage Alive, “From a realistic point of view, this book explains the author's concepts on how the reader can hold onto such a proud heritage, honor their ancestors, and deal with controversy that surrounds such an issue.”

Living Behind the Shield: A Modern Warrior's Path to Bravehood
Brian E Voncannon  More Info

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: Living with the Unknown
Brian E Voncannon  More Info

Shadows: Diary of a Ninja
Brian E Voncannon  More Info
Completing the Circle: The Hathcock Indian Blood
Brian Everett Voncannon  More Info

Cherokee Blue Eyes: Keeping the Heritage Alive
Brian E Voncannon  More Info

According to the book description of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: Living with the Unknown, “This book describes in detail the author's experience with Chronic Fatigue and Immune Dysfunction Syndrome. It presents a self-reported case study geared for both those suffering from this disease and for medical professionals seeking to learn more.”

About the Cabarrus County Sheriff's Office

The Cabarrus County Sheriff's Office Patrol Division is responsible for law enforcement services for the entire county except for the City of Concord and City of Kannapolis which have their own respective police departments. The county is approximate 357 square miles with a population of over 130,000 people. Patrol Division consist of four squads with ten officers on each squad. The patrol division is also supported by the C.O.P.S and Detective division.


The Criminal Investigation Division is the investigative arm of the sheriff's department, consisting of the following functions: Crime Analysis (All reported crimes within the limits of Cabarrus County); General Investigation (The investigation of Property Crimes, Crimes against persons, and gathering of criminal intelligence information); and, Major Cases (Includes Sex Crimes, Capital Crimes, Murder, High volume drug trafficking cases, and fraud).


The Cabarrus County Sheriff’s Office also has the following specialized details: Animal Control; Bomb Disposal; Court Room Security; Jail Division; Lake Enforcement; and, Special Response Team.  The Special Response Team, is a team of officers who go through many hours of intensive training on tactical techniques with the use of specialized weapons and equipment in order to respond to high risk calls and situations within Cabarrus County.




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