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A Concise History of American Policing
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Leadership: Texas Hold 'Em Style
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Brigantine Police Department (New Jersey)

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Christopher Garraty

About the Brigantine Police Department

According to the Brigantine Police Department, “The Patrol Division of the Brigantine Police Department is the largest of all the divisions within the Department. The Patrol Division is responsible for responding to all calls for service within the community. The Division is comprised of four squads of six officers and each squad is lead by a Lieutenant , Sergeant and four Patrolman. The Division's fleet comprises of marked patrol units assigned for use on a daily basis.

Each marked patrol vehicle is equipped with a Data911 computer system. Each system utilizes Info-Cop technology in conjunction with the Enforsys report writing and dispatch programs. Patrol officers take a defibrillator with them on patrol and are trained in the use of this advanced life saving technology, as well as, being trained in CPR and basic first aid.  The Patrol Division is responsible for responding to all 911 calls, motor vehicle crashes, first aid calls, man-made and natural disasters, fires, reports of crimes and disorderly persons offenses, as well as incorporating a spirit of cooperation with both the business community and citizens alike. Officers receive special training in community policing philosophy, interview and interrogation, drug and gang identification and intervention methods. Officers bi-annually get trained in the use of firearms, domestic violence, pursuit policy, and use of force policy.”

Books authored by members of the Brigantine Police Department:

Blue Undertow
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