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W.K. Brown, a member of the New York City Transit Police before its merger with the New York Police Department is the author of “Tunnel Vision: Thru the Eyes of a Transit Cop.”   According to Brown’s publisher, “for an African-American, the police department seemed to be an enemy; something to be feared not embraced. Brown's decision to join the ranks of New York's finest would be one of the toughest decisions he would ever have to make, a decision he would have to live with for the rest of his life. Tunnel Vision is a journey on the subway of New York thru the eyes of a retired New York City Transit Police Officer. Never again will the everyday routine of commuting on the underground rails be taken for granted. The visions seen and now revealed will make even the most hardened veteran traveler of the subway look at the concrete and cold steel in a different manner. The visions that will be shared can only be seen in the underground beast that is the subway of New York.

One reader of Tunnel Vision: (Thru the Eyes of a Transit Cop) said, “I loved reading this book. It gives the reader a one on one look into the careers of New York City Transit Cops. It comes straight from the experience of a retired Transit Cop. I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys an excellent book. ENJOY!”

One reader of Tunnel Vision: (Thru the Eyes of a Transit Cop) “An LAPD writer friend of mine just found TUNNEL VISION and asked me, "How about reviewing the book?" Well, when he reads it, he'll say, "Nah, that can't be..." But if he was Transit like me, he'd say, "Yeah, he nailed it, alright." W.K. Brown nailed it. Great read.”

Tunnel Vision: (Thru the Eyes of a Transit Cop)
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