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Alfred F. McDonald

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About the Buffalo Police Department:

According to Police Officer, Cindy Diem and Lieutenant Michael Kaska of the Buffalo Police Department, “On April 20th 1832, the village of Buffalo was abolished and the City of Buffalo was incorporated. From its inception the City of Buffalo has been the second largest city in the State of New York The opening of the Erie Canal in 1825 provided a way of hauling goods from the Atlantic Ocean to the Great Lakes for transportation westward, thus making the City of Buffalo a gateway to the west.


A demand for additional police protection became progressively more evident as Buffalo continued to grow. The citizens of the City of Buffalo became increasingly alarmed by the rowdy activities occurring each night in what was then known as the "Canal District". Mayor Johnson submitted a proposal to the Common Council on March 16th 1834, which described the urgent nee to establish a city watch.  Finally on September 19th 1834, the Common Council passed a resolution that enabled the Mayor of the City of Buffalo to appoint Watchmen.”



Selected book by a Buffalo Police Department police officer.

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