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Robin Burcell is a "veteran of over 20 years in law enforcement. Robin Burcell joined the Lodi Police Department at the age of 23.  At that time, she was the first woman police officer in the department.  As a police officer, she worked a variety assignments including patrol, detectives and as a hostage negotiator.  After leaving Lodi, Burcell, an expert in forensic art, fingerprints, and child abuse joined Sacramento County as a criminal investigator."  Robin Burcell is the author of The Kill Order, The Black List, The Dark Hour, The Bone Chamber, Face of a Killer, Cold Case, Deadly Legacy, Fatal Truth and Every Move She Makes.

According to the book description of The Kill Order, "FBI Special Agent Sydney Fitzpatrick knows nothing about the Devil's Key, except that her father was involved in its theft twenty years ago and was murdered as a result. The Devil's Key, a list of seemingly random, supposedly indecipherable numbers, poses an immediate threat to national securityand anyone caught with this code in their possession is terminated with extreme prejudice. Sydney, unaware of the standing kill order, only just recovered the list and turned it over to her superiorsbut not before making a copy. Now the hard drive containing the list's data has been compromised and two civilians are dead. But Sydney's not the only one in danger. When a young woman with eidetic memory sees the numbers, Sydney and her partner, Zachary Griffin, must protect herand what she knowsat all costs. For if the code falls into enemy hands, it could devastate the entire country's infrastructureand even ignite a world war."


According to the book description of The Black List, "The first death was ruled an accident. But when a second accountant from A.D.E.a popular relief organization that resettles East African refugeesturns up dead, FBI Special Agent and forensic artist Sydney Fitzpatrick is called in to lend her expertise in an increasingly troubling case. Not only is the charity backed by a powerful U.S. senator, but the investigation reveals that its funds have been siphoned off to bankroll terrorist cells in black list countries, and Sydney fears the consequences. And it may already be too late. Death has crossed the border from Mexico and is now heading toward Washington, D.C. Time is rapidly running outand unless Sydney and her partner, Zachary Griffin, can get to the root of a monstrous conspiracy, untold thousands will die in a nuclear nightmare and a nation will be reduced to chaos."


According to the book description of The Dark Hour, "Fitzpatrick is on the trail of a covert government agent's missing wife who is presumed deaduntil evidence places her behind the enemy lines of lethal bioweapons organization. A globe-trotting rollercoaster ride of intrigue and adventure, The Dark Hour delivers on Burcell's knack for suspenseful, page-turning plots and compelling action."


Reviewers of The Bone Chamber said, "A very talented writer (Lee Child), who is smart, tough, and right on the mark (Catherine Coulter), and among the best writers of crime fiction (Jan Burke), Anthony Award-winning author Robin Burcell broadens her canvas with The Bone Chamberan electrifying thriller that recalls the best of James Rollins and Dan Brown as it races across the globe. An extraordinary adventure that combines C.S.I. forensic investigation with global conspiracy and ancient secrets of the Vatican and the Knights Templar, The Bone Chamber is a non-stop thrill ride that never slows down."

According to the book description of Face of a Killer, "Facts lie . . . Two decades after the murder that shattered her world, FBI agent and forensic artist Sydney Fitzpatrick confronts her father's killer face to face. But the inmate who's scheduled to be executed for the crime is not what she expected. Heightening Sydney's unease, she receives a photograph sent to her by a man just prior to his suicide, causing her to question everything she believed about her father. Now she wants the truthno matter where it's hidden, no matter how painful . . . or dangerous. But Sydney Fitzpatrick is about to trespass on sacred ground. And being a federal agent will offer her no security or shelter if it's her own government that wants her dead."


According to the book description of Cold Case, "Three years ago SFPD Homicide Investigator Kate Gillespie was in pursuit of a suspect who murdered a hooker in a sleazy motel, and she nearly lost her own life in the process. The shooter escaped into the San Francisco shadows and the trail went colder than the grave. Now Kate's appearance on a Bay Area "crime stoppers" TV show produces new leads that carry her back into the sordid world of drugs and prostitution -- and point her toward a local crime boss whose missing wife is possibly linked to multiple men and multiple murders. But when a dangerous knot of betrayals, secrets, and criminal cover-ups starts unraveling, Kate can only hope she'll be as lucky as she was on that black night at the Twin Palms Motel. Because the only way to the truth leads directly into the line of fire."


According to the book description of Deadly Legacy, "San Francisco P.D. Homicide Inspector Kate Gillespie's investigation into a bizarre apparent murder/suicide is threatening to careen out of control. A dead man might not be dead. The families of the deceased are hiding something. And there are blood-soaked threads reaching into some very lofty places. But most perplexing of all are the shocking revelations of one of the "victims" dark and dangerous history -- the more Kate learns, the less she knows. It's a case that has placed Kate Gillespie on the hot seat as her investigation gets bigger by the moment -- and puts her perilously high on a rabid killer's hit list."


According to the book description of Fatal Truth, "A homicide inspector with the San Francisco Police Department, Kate Gillespie worked hard to get where she is. But a frantic phone call from a snitch threatens to destroy everything she is and everything she's earned. Pulled from the bright lights of the Homicide office onto the shadowy night streets, she arrives at a clandestine meet just in time to see the frightened informer shot dead ... by another cop. Now Kate is a target, on a trail of dirty deals, corruption, and escalating violence that reaches back into her own troubled family history and deep into a department riddled with dark secrets and truths that kill. Suddenly Kate Gillespie is teetering on a "blue wall of silence" and being set up to take a long, fatal fall -- by a relentless killer who's hiding in plain sight."


According to the book description of Every Move She Makes, "Gruesome slasher murders are spreading terror in San Francisco. The pressure is on the police force to track down the killer before another young woman is found, throat cut, body abandoned. Homicide Inspector Kate Gillespie is picked to lead the search with her partner, old-timer Sam Scolari. This is the case that could make Kate's career. But the next victim stops her in her tracks--Sam's ex-wife. All evidence points to him. He goes underground, leaving Kate alone to prove his innocence, or his guilt."

About the Lodi Police Department 

The Lodi Police Department has 125 full-time employees, including 78 sworn officers, 47 non-sworn personnel and four part-time officers. Additionally, the department has 108 volunteers in the form of 85 Partners, 15 cadets and eight chaplains. The Lodi Police Department subscribes to the community policing philosophy and works closely with neighborhood groups and business owners to promote a safer community. This approach builds on basic policing practices and emphasizes prevention.


The city is divided into three districts that encompass five patrol beats.  This allows Police Officers assigned to a particular district, the ability to get to know the citizens living there and address crime-related problems by the use of preventative measures.


The General Investigations Unit is responsible for the thorough investigation of major crimes, including homicide, robbery, rape, child abuse, elder abuse, burglary, forgery, embezzlement, identity theft, and grand theft. There are four full-time detectives and one part-time detective assigned to G.I.U. along with a sergeant supervisor. 


These specific crimes are assigned to individual detectives who then, working solely or as a team, collect evidence, secure statements from the involved parties, and then bring the investigation to a close.  Detectives work very closely with the prosecutor’s office.


All of the detectives have ten or more year’s experience as police officers.  The detective special-assignment is rotated amongst the police officer staff with each individual assignment lasting about five years in duration.  Detectives attend specialized schools of instruction dealing with subjects such as homicide investigation, robbery investigation, sexual assault investigation, etc.


Investigating dirty and unhealthy homes, often times the homes of drug abusers, has come to the forefront in criminal investigations.  The parents of the children living in these conditions are charged with various forms of neglect, and often receive more sentence time than they receive for the drug charges.




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