In 1893, Lexow Commission was the first commission of its kind to investigate police practices.

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Calhoun County Sheriff's Office (Alabama)

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Richard Kania

About the Calhoun County Sheriff’s Office:

Calhoun County was established by the Legislature December 18, 1832, as Benton County, honoring Col. Thomas Hart Benton, field officer in command of Fort Montgomery in Baldwin County during the Creek War.  The county was renamed in 1858 in honor of John C. Calhoun, American statesman from South Carolina and Vice President, 1825-32.


One of the first battles of the Creek war and the first engagement led by Gen. John Coffee was the battle of Talasihatchee, November 3, 1813. With a force of 920 and a company of friendly Creeks, General Coffee surrounded the town and dispersed the enemy after killing 186 of the Creek warriors.  In the southwestern part of the county are the remains of a extensive town site where pottery and chipped implements have been found.


From the earlier days, the territory now known as the Anniston District has been noted for its mineral wealth. Iron furnaces provided many products. Included were kettles, plow shares, pots and skillets, as well as cannon and armor for gunboats used during the Civil War.  Camp Shipp, a camp for training soldiers, was erected in the present city of Anniston during the Spanish American War. Camp McClellan, a United States military camp, is located five miles north of Anniston.


Anniston, the county seat, has been called "The City of Churches," with many of its churches being noted for their beauty and local historical significance



Selected book by a Calhoun County Sheriff's Office deputy sheriff.

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