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Cape Coral Police Department (Florida)

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About the Cape Coral Police Department

The Cape Coral Police Department is a full service law enforcement agency that has experienced tremendous growth in the last several years.  As of 2006, they were authorized to hire 40 an additional police officers and 27 civilian personnel.  The Cape Coral Police Department is organized into large divisions which answer to the chief of police: Administrative Services Division; Field Services Division; and, Support Services Division.  The Cape Coral Police Department also has a number of other units such as Special Operations Bureau, Investigations Services Bureau, Communications Bureau and Records Bureau.


The Administrative Services Division of the Cape Coral Police Department includes the Professional Standards Unit, Personnel and Training, and a Grant Writer.  The Field Services Division handles the uniformed patrol functions and is currently organized into three geographic districts.  The Special Operations Bureau of the Cape Coral Police Department includes the Traffic Unit and the Marine Unit.


Like some major law enforcement agencies, the Cape Coral Police Department is experimenting with the use of data and crime analysis as a means of managing and direct police operations.  According to the Cape Coral Police Department, “COPSTAR is the Cape Coral Police Department’s (CCPD) version of the New York Police Department’s (NYPD) successful and renowned CompStat (Computerized Statistics) program. CompStat was developed by NYPD as a strategy that employs a results-oriented approach by its managers to reduce crime and better serve its constituents.


As a means to increase the flow of information between its executive staff and the commanders of operational units, NYPD began conducting weekly Crime Control Strategy Meetings. The meetings serve as a forum in which command level personnel communicate the problems they face to the agency’s top executives and share their successful crime reduction tactics with other commanders. From these meetings, NYPD administrators developed principles for reducing crime and strategies for actually carrying out the reduction of crime.”




Selected book by a Cape Coral Police Department police officer.

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