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Carolann Natale

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Carolann Natale was a member of the New York Police Department.  Moreover, she was one of the first women to be appointed to the homicide squad.  She co-authored her story in Homicide Cop: The True Story of Carolann Natale. 

According to the book description of Homicide Cop: The True Story of Carolann Natal, “This woman is a hunter. Murderers are her prey. She's a small-town mother of two, a one-time waitress who dared to become a cop on the toughest turf of all: the crime-ridden streets of New York City. Opera is her pleasure, her family is her pride and joy, but murder is her business and the perilous Fourth Zone her beat. Detective Carolann Natale-one of the first women ever to be appointed to the homicide squad of the N.Y.P.D.”

From the History of the New York City Police Department 

After the evacuation of the city by the British on November 25, 1783, no immediate change was made in the municipal system. The authority of the Dongan and Montgomerie Charters was suffered to subsist, the State of New York assuming the functions previously reserved to the English Crown or its representatives. The City remained divided into seven wards, an Alderman and an assistant being chosen from each annually by the people. Half the city was still in ruins from the fire of 1776; the other half was dilapidated and impoverished by the period of war and hostile occupation. The work of rebuilding was soon begun, however, and both literally and figuratively, the city speedily rose from its ashes. The early mixture of races among the population has already been alluded to. This had become so much more marked about the period of independence that the people of New York were described as: a strange mosaic of different nations." How much more true would the phrase be at this day; but it is not out of this mingling of blood that much of the energy, thrift, and keenness of the people has been derived.

Homicide Cop: The True Story of Carolann Natale
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