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Charles Ferrara spent 16 years on the New York Police Department, retiring as a Lieutenant.  On his career, Charles Ferrara said, “with the exception of my academy training and my last year as the Personnel Lieutenant with the Patrol Borough Manhattan South Command, all of my service time was as a street cop in high crime areas of the city.”  For the last 15 years, Charles Ferrara has been a police chaplain.  He authored the book Beyond the Badge: A Spiritual Guide for Cops and their Families.

According to James V. Heidinger II, of Good News, “"The demands made upon an officer of the law are enormous. As a former cop and police chaplain, Chuck Ferrara understands that. He knows that to be successful, officers need something beyond the badge.”

One reader of Beyond the Badge: A Spiritual Guide for Cops and their Families said, “This book is a must have for every household. Regardless if there is a police officer in the family or not, this is a spiritual guide that can help anyone. The book holds many keys to a fulfilling relationship with God, your spouse and others. The topics are intriguing, and offer insight into leading a life on the right path.”

Beyond the Badge, A Spiritual Survival Guide for Cops and Their Families
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From the History of the New York City Police Department 

Each Captain was entitled to receive one dollar and eighty-seven and a half cents for every night's actual service, and each of the other Watchmen received eighty-seven and a half cents. An ordinance was adopted on August 3, providing for the appointment of a Standing committee of Police, to consist of three members of the Common Council, and vested with all the usual powers for the promotion of police efficiency, the committee being authorized to act in concert with the magistrates of the city to that end.


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