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Charles Lushbaugh

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About the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department

The Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department is consists of four large organizational entities: Undersheriff; Management and Human Resources services; Investigative and Regional Services; and, Court and Correctional Services.  The Undersheriff directly supervises a number of the Sacramento Sheriff’s Department’s sensitive investigative functions such as Anti-Terrorism Detail, Organized Crime Detail; Vice Detail; and, FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force.


As with most Sheriff’s departments, the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department has the majority of its personnel assigned to either the Court/Correctional Services or the Field Services. However, the Investigative and Regional Services contains many interesting units such as the Special Operations Division.


The Special Operations Division of the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department has the Air Support Bureau; Canine Enforcement Detail; Emergency Operations Unit; Environmental Crime Unit; Explosive Ordnance Detail; Motor Detail; Mounted; and, Regional Transit Police Services


The Air Support Bureau was established in 1978 with two Hughes 300, 2 passenger helicopters. Today their aircrews (teams of (1) Deputy Sheriff Pilot and (1) Deputy Sheriff Observer) operate three Eurocopter-EC120, 5 passenger helicopters. These helicopters were purchased in 1999 and were chosen due to their quiet operation (30% quieter than previously operated helicopters). In addition to the (3) patrol helicopters, they maintain two Huey UH-1H helicopters which we acquired through the Army Surplus Program.


First established in 1972, the Mounted Enforcement Unit is a part-time unit that is comprised of full-time and reserve deputy sheriffs of all ranks who are assigned to Mounted Enforcement as a collateral assignment.


The members personally own their horse and lease their mount to the county. Members conduct regular training covering the rider's equestrian skills and desensitizing the horse to environmental distractions for enforcement work. The unit assists in search and rescue, enforcement duties, crowd control, parades, school presentations, public relations and other community events.


The Explosive Ordnance Detail (EOD), also known as the Bomb Squad, handles a variety of calls for service that deal with the following; Improvised Explosive Devices, Military Ordnance, Commercial Explosives, Suspicious Items & Packages, Illegal Fireworks, Post Blast Investigations, Dignitary Protection and training for Patrol Officers and Citizen Groups.




Charles Lushbaugh was a lieutenant with the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department (California).  He is the co-author of Criminal Investigations: Basic Perspectives.   According to the book description, Criminal Investigations: Basic Perspectives is “designed to help readers discover both the art and science of criminal investigation, this book explores the legal significance of evidence in the field, outlines the fundamentals of inquiry, and then carefully details each element of investigation—from the preliminaries to case preparation for prosecutor review. Reflecting the most recent changes in techniques and their application to various crimes, it features real-life case studies that give readers practice in developing their abilities to analyze, evaluate, and reason. Subjects covered are: Ethical Awareness; The Crime Scene; Witnesses and Evidence; Recording the Crime Scene; Basic Investigative Leads and Informants; Major Investigative Techniques; Laboratory and Technical Services; Interrogation of Suspects; Arresting the Accused Person; Physical Assaults; Sexual Assaults; Robbery; Arson; Bombing and Hate Crimes; Property Crimes; Dangerous Drugs; Vice/Gambling; and Organized Crimes.”

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