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Former New York City Detective Charles O'Hara is the author of Fundamentals of Criminal Investigation, now in its 7th edition. 

According to one reader, The Fundamentals of Criminal Investigation by Charles E. O'Hara “provides a particularly informative and comprehensive insight into the specific areas of criminal investigation. The author includes detailed explanations and supports his theories with the use of factual information and case studies. As I am currently studying law, I have been searching for a text which provides me with detailed information and everything I need to know. This book certainly has it all. This is must-have for those studying criminal investigation.”

According to another reader of Fundamentals of Criminal Investigation, “Anyone in law enforcement knows this book - and hates the fact they should read it!  This is one of those necessary evils...something you have to read, but wish you didn't. the information is solid, stands the test of time, and it is one of the best and most comprehensive investigation books available. Make sure you get the study guide also.”

From the History of the New York Police Department 

The City Divided into Seven Wards--New York described as "A Strange Mosaic of Different nations." -- The Force and the Pay of the Men Increased -- progress of the Police system very marked -- Establishing a Police Office in the City Hall -- Places of Confinement: State Prison, Penitentiary, Bridewell and Jail -- the Watch doubled on account of the increase of Crime -- Example of "A Good Arrest" -- An Act Establishing Courts of Justices of the Peace and Assistant Justices -- A law for better regulating of the City Watch -- Petition for an Increase of Pay -- A perfect Police of extreme Importance -- Watchmen declared not eligible to act as Firemen -- The Humane Society -- Result of the Watch Committee's Investigation.


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