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Charles Stumph retired after 36 years with the Orange County California Sheriff’s Department during which 31 years were spent assigned to the Bomb Squad.  Mr. Stumph is a past Director of the International Association of Bomb Technicians and Investigators and former Chairman of the National Bomb Squad Commander’s Advisory Board.  He has served with the National Domestic Preparedness Office and the DOJ/DOD Interagency Board on WMD.  He has been a guest instructor on Bomb Disposal and Bombing Investigations with law enforcement agencies throughout the world, and currently teaches with the Center for Criminal Justice at California State University, Long Beach.  Since retirement, Mr. Stumph resides in Arizona and consults with several research companies on counter-terrorism methodology.


This Book examines the history, terminology, and types of Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD). It also includes a discussion of causes, symptoms, consequences of and responses to a WMD event. Includes student exercises involving the decision making process, identifying WMD threats, pre and post attack actions, monitoring for contamination and recovery procedures.

About the Orange County Sheriff’s Department:

The history of Orange County goes back further than the past 100 years and is a tribute to the adventurous spirit, personal drive and tremendous courage of the early explorers and settlers who's vision and fortitude made cities where there were only dreams. In any society, there are always challenges, but the pioneer men and women who forged Orange County out of a barren land had the courage to overcome the obstacles that stood in their path.


It wasn’t until California became a state in 1850 that formal law enforcement institutions, based on the common law of England, became established. Even then, Southern California was a lawless society until the 1870s, plagued by rustlers, highwaymen, murderers, robbers and swindlers. Many made their headquarters in Los Angeles, blatantly defying the law and its traditional keepers-sheriff, jailor, judge and jury. Impromptu, poorly organized vigilante groups supplemented formal law enforcement officials, often taking the law into their own hands, but even these groups were ineffective.


The growth of communities, the increase in the number and proximity of small farms and the improvement of both education and communication systems finally brought lawlessness under control. Each formal community had its marshal, its constable and its judge and when Orange County was formed in 1889, its citizens had a sheriff, directly responsible to them, and a new set of institutions right in their own backyard.


The Orange County Sheriff’s Department today is a highly professional organization, which not only continues in its traditional role of crime suppression, but also has expanded into the area of crime prevention. At the Orange County Sheriff’s Department you can see the spirit of adventure and the same courage as the early settler had.


Orange County is a place where dreams have become a reality




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