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Charlie Munson

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Mister Charlie: Memoir of a Texas lawman, 1902-1910
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About the Lavaca County Sheriff

The Lavaca County Sheriff directs to the Duties and Responsibilities of a Texas County Sheriff where are: “Long respected as the county's top lawman, the sheriff has a range of duties that include criminal investigations, traffic enforcement, operation of the jail and other responsibilities: Duties of the sheriff include: Providing security for the operation of county and district courts; Enforcing traffic laws, other county ordinances and other state laws; Service of process; Accepting bail for prisoners in his custody; Conducting sales of seized and unclaimed properties; and Taking charge of and responsibility for the county jail and prisoners.”

Charlie Munson was a deputy sheriff with the La Vaca County Sheriff’s Department at the beginning of the 20th Century.  He is the author of Mister Charlie: Memoir of a Texas Lawman, 1902-1910.

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