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Say Aloha to Murder: A Detective Hardrock Mystery
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Switched: A Detective Hardrock series (A Detective Hardrock Series)
Charlotte Williamson  More Info

About the Cobb County Sheriff's Office
The first sheriff of Cobb County (Georgia) was Tandy Martin. Martin served as the first sheriff of Cobb county in 1833. Martin was elected by the first recorded vote of Cobb County. The entire population cast their vote at the residence of John Pace. In contrast, today there are 179 polls used by the citizens of Cobb. George Baber was sheriff in 1834. The act of the state legislature appointed, essentially, a special election to fill the constitutional offices until the regularly scheduled election of county officers for the state. Martin, the initial sheriff, served only for the first year. Baber became the first sheriff of Cobb County to serve the full term for the office.

Today, the Cobb County Sheriff’s office is organized into four divisions: Executive Office; Administrative; Operations; and Detention.

The Detention Division operates the detention facilities maintained by the Cobb County Sheriff's Office. There are currently three facilities: the Jail, the Prison Unit and the Work Release Center.  The Jail is primarily a pretrial detention facility and is the largest inmate holding facility operated under the auspices of the Cobb County Sheriff’s Office. The Jail encompasses approximately 11 acres under roof and has a total bed capacity of 1979. In 2003, approximately 39,000 adult offenders (17 years of age and older as mandated by state law) were processed through this facility. The average daily inmate population during 2003 was approximately 2030

The Operations Division is composed of several sections, these are: Warrant Section; Civil Section; Fugitive; Forgery; Juvenile Apprehension; Domestic Violence Section; Communications; Court Security; Transport Section; MCS Narcotics Unit; Tactical Operations.

The Fugitive Section of the Cobb County Sheriff’s Office is staffed by plain clothed investigators whose primary job is to apprehend known fugitives who attempt to hide in and around Cobb County. Additionally, these investigators work closely with law enforcement agencies throughout the country to locate and apprehend fugitives wanted on Cobb County charges. In 2002, 1,950 new cases were received and investigated, with some 1128 offenders apprehended.  In addition to its local efforts, members of the fugitive section work with a multi-jurisdictional task force to apprehend fugitives throughout the metro Atlanta area. This effort in coordinated under the jurisdiction of the United States Marshals Service.



Charlotte Williamson is a former Cobb County Sheriff’s Department deputy sheriff.  "I didn't start out to be a writer.  It just sort of evolved," Charlotte Williamson notes.  She had always kept a journal and thought about maybe writing a novel one day, but work, life in general, plus raising a family, always took precedent. Her college courses of accounting and computers led her to accept jobs in major corporations, a position which she held for a number of years.  At forty-two, she undertook the arduous task of training for Deputy Sheriff. 


“Graduating from the law enforcement academy was a great achievement in my life.  My job as Deputy sheriff was a wonderful, and sometimes, dangerous, learning experience,” Charlotte Williamson said.   Fascination with her job inspired her to go back to college and study Criminal Justice, and would later provide the foundation for her first novel, Switched. Retired now, and living with her husband in southwest Florida, she concentrates on traveling, boating, camping, and, of course, writing.  Her travels have taken her from Hawaii to Western  Europe and from Canada to Mexico.  Her second novel, Say Aloha to Murder also features Hopewell, Virginia police Detective James Hardrock.


According to the book description of Switched, “Four murders committed in as many days in the small town of Hopewell, Virginia, are turning Police Detective James Hardrock's nice, quiet, orderly world upside down. The victims, two males and two females, have their clothes switched. The men are wearing the women's clothes; the women are wearing the men's clothes. Before Hardrock can discover the identities of the victims and the bizarre reason for the switch in clothes, one of Hardrock's lead detectives, Harry Ralston, disappears A background file check on his colleague only raises more questions. And why has the F.B.I. suddenly become interested in the murders and the disappearance of Detective Ralston? Forced at gunpoint to become a pawn in the killer's scheme of revenge is Janet Gordon, Hardrock's beautiful, widowed neighbor, and occasional Saturday-night date. Although lately Hardrock has begun to think of her as more than just another dinner companion. As Hardrock puts his own life on the line in a bold rescue attempt, he realizes that for the first time in his life, he's in love. Drawn into a web of danger and deceit, Hardrock is convinced that the answers he needs to solve the case lie with his missing detective. He has only to find Harry and catch a killer at the same time...before he and Janet become the killer's next victims.”


According to the book description of Say Aloha to Murder, The vacation to Hawaii was supposed to be a relaxing trip for Detective James Hardrock and his fiancée, Janet Gordon. But at dinner on their first night, two bodies literally fall into their laps. One is the prominent CEO of Wentworth Pharmaceuticals, the other, a scientist employed by Wentworth and married to a public figure: a high-profile politician who is sponsoring a bill in Congress that would limit the amount drug companies could charge for prescription medications. Although reluctant at first, Hardrock is finally persuaded by Honolulu Detective Jason Chan to aid in the investigation that exposes the scandalous secrets of one pharmaceutical company and its research scientists. In between interviewing suspects, Hardrock and Janet visit the beautiful scenery and attractions of Oahu. A mysterious accident hospitalizes Detective Chan, and Hardrock is officially offered the case. His acceptance causes a rift between him and Janet, and nearly costs Hardrock his life. Someone wants him dead and will stop at nothing to gain results. When a handsome stranger enters Janet’s life, Hardrock is forced to re-examine his own feelings and desires concerning their relationship. During his probe into the murders, Hardrock learns that Janet has secrets of her own that, when uncovered, will change both their lives forever.”

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